Tuesday Night Runs

Tuesday Nights is what the Turtles are all about. EVERY Tuesday (no matter what the weather), turtles gather for training runs. Other group training runs are regularly held on Sunday Mornings.

The fun officially begins at 5PM with a warm up loop on the three mile course. At 5:30PM groups go out for varying distances from as little as 3 miles to as many as 9, with the main group running a 6.3 mile loop.

Click to view the Tuesday night group runs  by USATF certified course measurer Ray Nelson.

The courses are laid out in an area that includes historic Pawtuxet Village, scenic Gaspee, and Governor Francis Farms. Afterwards, most of the group heads over to Powers Pub, to talk Turtle Business or just to socialize.

Do I have to be a member?

Membership is not a requirement to participate, and we have members of all ages and abilities. All runners are encouraged to join us whether just to train, or to see what “turtle-dom” is all about prior to becoming a member.

Like to know more? Then please contact Bob Jackman


The group meet  in Pawtuxet Park

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