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Resolution 5k Beach & Trail Race

January 6, 2013
Resolution 5k Beach & Trail Race
Narragansett, RI
Race Results
Story by Bob Jackman

The Resolution 5k Beach & Trail Race marked the second race in the South County 4th Season Trail Race Series.  As the week before the race went on, it was clear that the Turtles would once again be out in force with the team competition as the driving force to get out there and race against the WTAC.  This would be the third team race in about 4 weeks that we would toe the line against the WTAC and we were hoping to get our third win.  I arrived at the race a bit early to get in a few extra miles before heading out with the rest of the Turtles at 8:15 to run the course as a warm up.  Running the course at these trail races ends up being a big advantage, as you know what to expect and in this case you know the trail conditions with the lingering snow.

The course looked to be in great shape with only a few spots that you might need to be a little cautious and the wind coming home on the beach was blowing, but not too bad.

There was a short delay starting the race and we were all huddled up trying to stay warm before  lining up behind the starting line that race director Mike Galoob “drew out” with his foot before giving some race instructions.

The race went out and back on the beach, starting into the wind, I was happy to see the race went out a lot slower that the Old Mountain Trail Race and I was able to tuck in for a bit before moving out front shortly after the turn around at the far end of the beach.

After the turn, you ran down the beach and then across a short grassy/snowy section up a snow-covered dirt road which popped out onto Ocean Road for a short stretch before ducking into the trails at Black Point.  When I hit the road I tried to open up my stride and then “disappear” in the twisty trails hoping others wouldn’t be able to see me and would lose a little motivation to track me down.  I also felt the fastest running I could do was in this trail section as most of it was down hill and the trails, although covered in snow, were not technical and overall in good shape.  At the end of this section you have to “run” through the ruins of an old house, then hop down back onto the beach where you had about a half a mile left to run.

This last section proved to be slow going, the sand was soft and the wind was blowing, which made me feel like I wasn’t making any progress.  My last obstacle in the race was a gentleman walking his dog looking at shells? on the beach and not paying attention to me running full steam at him, in fact as I kept moving left towards the ocean, he did the same.  I finally shouted at him and he stopped so I could get by without breaking out my portable boogie board.

After getting by this fellow, I took a quick glance back to se the WTACs Justin Bentley there, but at a distance I felt I could hold.  Once I could see Mike Galoob’s yellow coat standing where we were to finish, I started edging my way up the beach in his direction to take the shortest route.  I crossed the line first in 18:12,  Justin finished 15 seconds back at 18:27, followed by TNTs DJ Principe in 18:41.  After that the race was on for the top team prize.  The WTAC followed DJ with 4th place 19:03 and 5th place 19:04, fortunately for us TNTs David Principe was right behind them with a 19:12 securing the TNT victory by 29 seconds!

After the race we grabbed some cool down miles and got a group shot in the “house”, we then picked up some age group awards and the team prize, another case of Wachusett Brew and then some of us went to Crazy Burger for breakfast….after breakfast some of us continued down the street a bit to Twin Willows for an early afternoon brew.

All an all it was a great day and I hope we get a great turnout at the Belleville Pond 10k Trail Race on 1/27/13.

Turtle Results
1st – Bob Jackman – 18:12

3rd – DJ Principe – 18:41

6th  – David Principe – 19:12

9th  – Martin Tighe – 20:06

12th – Bob Corsi – 20:14

15th – Patrick Quinn – 21:02

25th – John Brennan – 21:55

32nd – Joe Reddy – 22:29

33rd – Scott Mason – 22:37

34th – Jackie Jackman – 22:54