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Good Bye 2013

Another year is coming to a close.  It was a good year for Turtles, there were many people out racing and we were able to pick up some new members that have stuck around through the whole year! Below are the rest of the results for 2013, some thoughts from members, some pictures to highlight the year and some notable performances.

Some missed November results!

Philadelphia Marathon
Philadelphia, PA, November 17, 2013
589th – Patrick Meacham – 3:11:08

Pie Run
Middletown,RI, November 28, 2013
Patrick Meacham ran with his 9 year old son Aidan, finishing in 40 mins!

Good to see Pat back out on the roads!

December Results….

Cambridge, MA, December 1, 2013
19th  18:38   6:00 Thor Kirleis

Chanukah Run a Latke 5K
Swampscott, MA, December 1, 2013
1st Martin Tighe     18:17  5:54

30th Annual Christmas 10k Run and 3.3 Mile Walk (Bob Jackman Race Report)
Newport, RI, December 15, 2013
3rd   34:13  5:31 Robert Jackman
13th   39:53  6:26 Joseph Reddy
14th   39:58  6:27 Dave Schaad
16th   41:26  6:41 Dan Sevigny
31st   43:44  7:03 Jacquelyn Jackman
63rd   47:39  7:41 John Peabody
64th   47:45  7:42 Rachel Flaksman

Jingle Bells for Arthritis
Pawtucket, RI, December 7, 2013
1st   17:52  5:46   Robert Corsi

Beat Santa 5k
Portsmouth, RI, December 22, 2013
1st 17:34 (5:39) Robert Jackman

Nooseneck 18K
West Greenwich, RI, December 26, 2013
3rd  Bob Jackman   1:08:21  0:06:07
7th  Robert Corsi   1:16:04  0:06:48
29th  George Ross   1:34:27  0:08:27
31st  John Peabody   1:36:14  0:08:36
38th  Rachel S. Flaksman  1:38:25  0:08:48
45th  Jen McDermott   1:41:24  0:09:04

Thoughts on 2013 from some members….

George Ross
For me, this was a year of firsts: First Duathlon, first bike Time-Trial, first Olympic Distance Triathlon and first 1/2 Ironman Distance Triathlon. The most fun that I had racing this year was bike time trials and not running, so, that was quite a shock to me. I competed in 5 of Stedman’s Route 1 Time-Trials and my fastest speed for the 9 mile course was 23 mph (The winner was typically 27mph, well out of my class). I can only describe it as an all out assault on my cardio system…in 2014 I hope to do all 12, or as many as possible!

Best Beer: Goose Island Bourbon County Barleywine

Andrew Goodale
My 2013 highlights:
– Ran my first half-marathon, the Staten Island Half.
– Favorite race was the 6hr. (Also my first team race.)
– Favorite beer is basically anything poured by John at the Track!

Patrick “I like Everything” Quinn
Favorite Beer: Allagash Interlude.
Favorite Road Race: New Bedford Half 1:29 PR on St. Paddy’s Day.
Favorite Trail Race: Run with the Beavers, 1:20 PR.
Favorite Mountain Trail Race: Pisgah 23K.
Favorite Party Race: TNT Summer 3 miler.
Favorite Camaraderie Race: RI 6 hour.
Favorite Trail Series: 4th Season Races.
Most Challenging: Sugarloaf Marathon 3:20.
Favorite Summer Road Race: Bobby Doyle 5 miler.
Coldest Race: Scarborough Beach Trail 5K Hottest
Race: Nipmuck South Trail 14 miler.
Best Post Race Grub: RI 6 hour.
Best TNT Turnout: Scarborough Beach 5K.
Hardest Training Road Run: Scituate Loop.
Best Training Trail Run: Big River

Thor Kirleis
2013 Highlights
-Did the Boston Double, a same-day, back-to-back run of the Boston Marathon
-Ran my first 100 mile race at TARC 100
-Pushed my boy, who had a first birthday in the same year, in his first road race (Doyles)
-Discovered Boulevard Tank 7, a solid go-to Farmhouse ale
-Rediscovered my love of long distance running (see TARC 100) at RI 6-Hour by securing 2nd old man in the money
-Set a PR in number of poopy diapers changed in a given year

Patrick Meacham
Last Road Race was Boston Marathon 2012 (10th Boston Marathon in a row) in the extreme heat.
Received guarantee entry into 2013 Boston Marathon for 10 years in a row – decided to pass

After a Marathon sabbatical decided to run 2013 Philadelphia Marathon, 3:11 (7:17 pace), average training, doing 50-60 miles a week

Bob Jackman
2013 Highlights
-Great team presence and team victory at the 4th Season Trail Series
-Record numbers at the 5th Annual RI 6 Hour
-Completing the NE Runner Pub Series
-Brew Pubs after Snow Shoe Races!
Favorite Beer of the year: Probably Bourbon County Coffee

Scott Mason
Let’s see, 12 races in the first half of the year, 2 in the second half. 3 on snowshoes, 6 on trails, 4 up mountains and 1 “normal” road race (Run 4 Kerri). One of those mountain races was a DNF at Bretton Woods in 90 degree weather with 1400 feet of climbing in the first 2 miles and 1400 feet decent in the next 1 mile, down a ski slope.
Highlight would have to be Mt Washington where I ran a 4 minute PR.
Worst Race was easily the Lil Rhody Runaround where I had been sick all week but ran anyway.
Best Beer, yeah right, impossible to answer.
Lots of race photography, favorite races being: Vermont City, TARC Spring Thaw 6 Hour, Amherst 10m., US Mountain Running Champs and Run with the Beavers.

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Some Notable Performances (These were off the top of my head…please comment with others!)

-DJ Principe: Freshman Cross Country Season

-Jackie Jackman: 4th Place Woman USATF 50k National Championship 3:48:55

-Tuesday Night Turtle Team Victory 4th Season Trail Race Series

-John Peabody finished at least (5) Ultras, including (2) 100 Milers

-Issy Nielson also finished at least (5) Ultras and who knows how many other races.  She also finished her first 100 Miler and was 2nd female.

-Patrick Quinn broke his ankle at the TARC Fall Classic

-Thor Kirleis: Double Boston

-Turtles made it 6 victories in a row at the Grog & Dog Jog

-Mark Mitsmenn returns to the Mount Washington Road Race, doing his first one in 1980!


That’s all I’ve got!  See you on the roads…and trails in January!

June…Turtles racing strong.

Northmen Challenge 5k
North Smithfield, RI, June 1, 2013
2nd DAVE SCHAAD  20:05  6:28

Provincetown 10K
Provincetown, MA, June 2, 2013
4th – LAWRENCE WALKER    41:47  6:44

Iron Horse Half Marathon, 10K, 5K
Simsbury, CT, June 2, 2013
192nd – Rachel Flaksman    1:54:32  8:45

3rd Annual Reviver Challenge
Cumberland, RI, June 8, 2013
4th??  Robert Corsi – 18:26.80

Martin Tighe @ Gaspee Days (Scott Mason Photo)















48th Gaspee Days 5K
Cranston / Warwick, RI, June 8, 2013
4th   DAVID PRINCIPE JR    16:26.6  5:19
10th   DAVID PRINCIPE SR    17:25.5  5:38
14th   MARTIN TIGHE         17:57.1  5:48
29th   DAVE SCHAAD          19:19.5  6:15
30th   KEN KIREJCZYK        19:21.4  6:15
39th   PATRICK QUINN        19:48.8  6:24
63rd   ISSY NIELSON         20:30.3  6:37
106th   PIETER SNOEREN       21:31.8  6:57
468th   JUSTIN COSTA         27:19.2  8:49
519th   DUDLEY HARKINS       27:51.3  9:00
832nd   KEVIN MAGUIRE        31:53.9 10:18

Level Renner Story

Katie DeCubellis Memorial Foundation 5K Road Race & Walk
Narragansett, RI, June 9, 2013
66th   23:24  7:33 GEORGE Ross
199th   31:56 10:18 Kevin Maguire

Hollis Fast 5K (Downhill)
Hollis, NH, June 13, 2013
104th MARTIN TIGHE   16:26.2  5:19

53rd Northeast Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race
Pinkham Notch, Gorham, NH, June 15, 2013
285th Scott Mason     1:41:21 13:21
693rd Mark Mitsmenn   2:00:20 15:50

Joe Viger’s Mount Washington Shots

TARC 100/50 Miler – Thor’s Level Renner Story
Weston, MA, June 14 and beyond…
Hillary Peabody (NAT) fought through the grueling mud to outpace her father John Peabody 28 hours 34 mins to 29 hour 17 mins.
Thor Kirlies was pulled from the course at 95.5….yes that’s what I said 95.5 miles.
Lawrence Walker signed up for the 50 miler…and even started it. He was a smart man and called it quits.
This was a first year race out on by the Trail Animals Running Club…it had great potential and went off well…however mother nature did not cooperate dumping lots of rain leading up to the race leaving the course a muddy mess with knee, even hip deep mud and water. Congrats to those who went out there and gave it a go!

Start of the Will Speck 5k











10th Annual Will Speck Memorial 5k Race
Cranston, RI, June 16, 2013
1st   DAVID PRINCIPE JR     16:52  5:26
5th   DAVID PRINCIPE SR     17:57  5:47
7th   ROBERT CORSI          18:18  5:54
12th  DAVE SCHAAD           19:10  6:11
17th  KEN KIREJCZYK         19:28  6:16
25th  PATRICK QUINN         20:23  6:34

Mark Howard working hard at the Will Speck finish line



The rest of May Results


Rhode Island Middle School Track & Field Championships
South Kingstown, RI, May 18, 2013
3000 meters-  1st David Principe Jr.  9:10.70  (State Record)
800 meters-  2nd David Principe Jr.  2:11.50

Thomas G. Cavanagh Memorial 5k
East Greenwich, RI, May 18, 2013
2nd  DAVE SCHAAD  19:53  6:24
3rd  JOHN BRENNAN   20:09  6:30

Sugarloaf Marathon and 15k
Carabbassett Valley, ME, ME, May 19, 2013
66th  Patrick QUINN  3:20:11.7   7:39

NE Distance Community 5K
Woonsocket, RI, May 19, 2013
3rd – David Principe  17:23

4th Annual 10k By the Bay
Warwick, RI, May 25, 2013
1st  KEN KIREJCZYK 39:16  6:20
2nd  DAVE SCHAAD  39:18  6:20

Chieftain Challenge 5K
Ponagansett, RI, May 25, 2013
1st  ROBERT CORSI 18:26  5:57

21st Annual Wachusett Mountain Race 10k
Princeton, MA, May 25, 2013
57th Jackie Jackman – 47:33
72nd – Scott Mason – 48:57

Wachusett Lead Pack
The lead pack early at Wachusett

ECBA – Freedom Run
Cambridge, MA, May 26, 2013
8th Thor Kirleis – 17:59  5:48
13th Jason Newton – 18:37  6:00
35th Gina Newton – 19:46  6:22

Freedom Run
On the left…Thor (and Camden) and Gina @ The Freedom Run

25th KeyBank Vermont City Marathon & Marathon Relay
Burlington, VT, May 26, 2013
201st Karen Benway 3:12:49  7:22

Check out Scott Mason’s Photos of VCM

Pineland Farms Trail Running Festival – 50 Miler
New Gloucester, ME, May 26, 2013
26th    ISSY NIELSON                       8:59:42.2     10:48/M
66th    JOHN PEABODY                   10:43:55.9     12:53/M

Pineland Farmss
John’s take from Pineland