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Gaspee Days 5k: Some Turtle Stats

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The 49th Gaspee Days Foot Race is tomorrow.  This race has changed a lot in the last 49 years.  I don’t know all the facts, but the race has been anywhere from a 20k to a 5k and also used to be on a Monday night.  The current version of the race, a 5k, starting before the famous Gaspee Days Parade , has been around for some 15ish years. (Anyone have an exact year?)

The Turtles are usually well represented at the Gaspee Days 5k, as well we should be, our Tuesday night course is part of the race course.  So, I gathered up some data from our members about their times at Gaspee.  Although many call the race fast, I personally have never run well at Gaspee and the course doesn’t seem to be that fast…and the data backs that up.  Using our small pool of data from 14 Turtles, it shows that they are on an average of 40 seconds slower than their all-time 5k PR.  Obviously this data isn’t 100% conclusive, some of the Turtles Gaspee Days times came 10 or more years after their PR.  But some of the runner ran their PR the same year as Gaspee, within a month even and ran significantly slower at Gaspee.

GaspeeThe oldest results for Gaspee on Cool Running are from 1996.  LOOK HERE.  That year the winning times were 14:56 for John Gregorek and 17:19 for Moira Harrington and there were 324 finishers, with an average finishing time of 24:34.53.  Last year, the winning times were 14:43 for Will Sanders and 19:14 for Erin Carmone.  There were 1221 finishers with an average time of 29:33.00.  There are a lot more walkers now a days, which is why there are 4 times as many finishers.  If you take the average time of the top 324 finishers from last year, you get an average of 22:21.9, two minutes faster than in 1996.  The top 10 was a bit more competitive in 1996 though,  with an average of 15:42.3 vs 16:20.8.

Check out the data!

tnt at gd

Blessing of the Fleet Turtle Stats

I asked the club to tell me what their fastest Blessing of the Fleet time was, what year that happened (if they could remember) and how many times they have run the Blessing.  I had 18 people report their stats.  Many Turtles were a bit fuzzy on how many Blessings they have run, I had answers like “6 or 7” and “between 8 and 15”.  I added the average Turtle Blessing PR, the average # of times run and the Total # of Turtle finishes to the stats.  The total # of Turtle finishes is a lot lower than they could be, as there were a lot of Turtles that did not respond.  Still a pretty cool list.  PR years and times range anywhere from 1983 to 2012 and from 51:17 to 1:17:12.

JP Blessing
John Peabody cooling off after the Blessing.

For more race stats, check out WTAC’s Muddy Puddin’s Blog as he has listed the winners back to 1996 along with how many runners went under 60 mins that year.  The Turtles most popular PR year, 2003, only had 26 runners under 60 mins and one of the slowest winning times in the history of the race, Matt Pelletier’s 53:18, behind only Stormin’ Norman’s 1996 winning time of 54:04…note, both of those winners were Turtles when they ran those races.

Good luck to everyone running the Blessing tonight…maybe you will lower your PR for next years list!

*Disclaimer…Turtles tend to blather, some of these times have not been validated  🙂