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Turtles in July

Well, July is gone. We started with a wet Fourth of July…but that did not keep us from enjoying the TNT Fourth of July Party, thanks to Andrew and Tina Goodale!

It appears we had around 16 Turtles toe the line in the month of July…thats pretty good! As usual, if I missed your result, please let me know!

47th Annual Lynnfield Athletic Association 4th of July Road Race
Lynnfield, MA, July 4, 2014
25th Thor Kirleis 21:14 6:51

Firecracker 4 Miler
Marblehead, MA, July 4, 2014
4th Martin Tighe 24:03 6:01
228th Marisol Ficaro 37:24 9:21

Mad Marathon & Mad Half
Waitsfield, VT, July 6, 2014
7th 3:12:22 7:21 Warren Angell

Start of the 2014 RTB Trail Race
Start of the 2014 RTB Trail Race

Run With Beavers 10 Mile Trail Race * TIMES ARE LIKELY SCREWED UP
Chepachet, RI, July 12, 2014
10th Warren Angell 1:12:47.97
23rd Patrick Quinn 1:31:09.80

Run With Beavers 5 Mile Trail Race
Chepachet, RI, July 12, 2014
4th Robert Corsi 39:00.40
6th Justin Allen 40:39.68

Check out some Run with the Beaver Photos!

43rd Annual “Summer Sizzler” 5.5 Mile Road Race
Cranston, RI, July 19, 2014
3rd 32:17 5:52 2 19-39 Daniel Hawkins
16th 38:30 7:00 2 19-39 Issy Nielson
22nd 39:22 7:09 5 19-39 Tarsha Cicerone

Vermont 100 Miler
Windsor, VT, July 19, 2014
186th – John Peabody – 27:37:16

SHEMCA 25th Annual Celebrate Summer 5k
S Kingston, RI, July 19, 2014
7th 20:39 6:40 Dave Schaad
19th 23:44 7:39 Patrick Meacham

43rd Annual Blessing of the Fleet 10 Mile Road Race & Walk
Narragansett, RI, July 25, 2014 – Check out some Blessing of the Fleet Photos!
92nd Steven McDaniel 1:06:19.0 6:38/M
103rd ken kirejczyk 1:07:12.0 6:43/M
175th Justin Allen 1:10:10.0 7:01/M
236th Warren Angell 1:12:26.0 7:15/M
252nd brad highcove 1:13:06.0 7:19/M
2284th john peabody 1:45:13.0 10:31/M

Upcoming Races!

8/17/14 – Level Renner 10k – Brockton, MA
8/24/14 – Brandon Motta Fund 5k – Bristol, RI
8/29/14 – 17th Annual Roger H. Schonning 5K and Kids Fun Run – Westerly, RI
8/31/14 – Finish for a Guinness 5k – Warren, RI

Check out information on our Tuesday Night and Sunday Morning Runs!

Racing into the New Year!

Welcome to 2014!

January is here and Turtles have already been out racing in force! New Year’s Day saw at least 8 Turtles toeing the line racing and 3 other Turtles ran the Boston Marathon course from start to finish, a nice way to start the new year!
On top of that, the South Country 4th Season Trail Race Series has started and Turtles had 5 runners at race # 1 and 8 at race #2. If you are not a Turtle and have been thinking about joining us and love the thrill of racing with a team, send me an email and let’s get a singlet on your back!

January also saw a change in office for Turtles for the first time in 7 years, with David Principe stepping down and Bob Jackman (me) being voted up from VP.  Scott Mason is now the VP and Mark Mitsmenn holds on to his spot as treasurer for at least another 15 years.

The result finder does not catch all of DJ Principe’s high school races because they are not all listed on Coolrunning, but it did catch his most recent PR, in the 3000 meters at the Yale Classic. DJ is the #1 ranked freshman in the nation in the 1500, mile, 3000 and 2 Miles!

Now for some results…

Whitinsville First Day 5k
Whitinsville, MA, January 1, 2014
13th LAWRENCE WALKER 20:49.0 6:42/M

Hangover Classic 5 Miler
Bristol, RI, January 1, 2014
4th MARTIN TIGHE 30:08 6:02
11th KEN KIREJCZYK 33:11 6:39
12th ISSY NIELSON 33:22 6:41
13th DAVE SCHAAD 33:30 6:42
22nd JACKIE JACKMAN 34:47 6:58
58th RACHEL FLAKSMAN 38:55 7:47
160th MARISOL FICARO 50:25 10:05


What Broken Ankle?
Story by Patrick Quinn

Many of you probably remember seeing that awful picture of my ankle. At least it was a clean break I kept telling myself and I would be back “soon”. It was pretty miserable obviously not being able to run, but I focused as much as I could on the things I could do. After 3 months of recovery which was going well, I was itching to get back at it. I was doing light treadmill running to acclimate back to some fitness before hitting the roads. With the OK from the Doc and in true Turtle fashion, I decided my 4th outdoor run in 3 months would be this year’s edition of the Old Mountain 5K.
It’s a great winter race series so I couldn’t miss out on running, representing, and having some fun. After blistering cold weather the night before in what would be some of coldest temperatures in the last 20 years, I arrived at Old Mountain Park in South Kingstown about an hour before the race to meet up for a warm up run. Speaking of warm up, it reached about 5 degrees at 9AM from about -3 at 7AM but without any wind and full sun, it really wasn’t that bad. I wasn’t really motivated to be running on a day in these conditions but I felt ready to go after the warm up. The course was snow covered maybe 4-6 inches (by no means a snowy sufferfest) but it was dry snow and with some tight turns your feet were really shifting quite a bit. Not good for a post-recovered ankle break. After the warm up, I knew I needed some traction. I was lucky enough to have Joe Reddy there with his micro spikes so he gladly offered them to me which I happily accepted. The race was pretty uneventful, well for me anyway. I started way back and decided to stick behind other runners and I didn’t really surge until we exited the trails and ran thru the ball field back to the start/finish. It was one of my most comfortable races as far as effort. One noteworthy event was at the beginning of the race, the leaders had to bust through knee deep snow which I believe a few runners went down but no one was hurt. Bob Jackman, Dan Hawkins, Issy Nielson, Rachel Flaksman, Eric Holmstedt and myself ran the race. Scott Mason, Jackie Jackman, Joe Reddy, and Dan Sevigny were there cheering us on so it was a great turnout. Scott as always got some great photos in the snow which are always fun and interesting to see. Bob won the race, so celebrating was in order at Fat Belly’s in Wakefield.


The following weekend, it was onto the Resolution 5K at Scarborough Beach where runners enjoyed much warmer temps in the 40s. A bit windy along the beach and the trails were warm but we had flooding rain the night before which made the course saturated and mucky which always adds to the fun.

Another great Turtle turnout too: Bob Jackman who took 2nd place, Dan Hawkins, Issy Nielson, Bob Corsi, Mike Clark, Jackie Jackman, Rachel Flaksman and myself. Scott Mason was there taking pics and may I add came out excellent. I even bought one. As far   as the race, I was able to run a bit faster especially on the beach but one of the swampy bogs tried to steal my shoe, it took a few seconds to put it back on. I was able to catch back up to Mike Clark and Kenny Shardlow which I was surprised. Issy caught up to me at about 1.9 mi into it, after she inquired on the current mileage, she took off like a turtle with TNT strapped to her back!. The highlight of the race was running through the infamous abandoned cobblestone roofless house full of water. After a quick cool down run, it was onto the Mews for a hearty lunch and beers with yet another great turnout for that too.








Hoping for a great turnout at the upcoming Belleville Pond 10K.









Old Mountain 5k Trail Race
Wakefield, RI, January 4, 2014
1st Robert Jackman 23:32
8th Daniel Hawkins 25:55
26th Patrick Quinn 30:54
39th Issy Nielson 34:49
65th Eric Holmstedt 1:09:11

Resolution 5k Beach & Trail Race
Narragansett , RI, January 12, 2014
2nd Robert Jackman 18:00 5:48
4th Daniel Hawkins 18:52 6:05
11th Robert Corsi 20:39 6:40
32nd Issy Nielson 23:02 7:26
33th Michael Clark 23:03 7:26
35th Patrick Quinn 23:09 7:28
38th Jackie Jackman 23:28 7:34
83rd Rachel Flaksman 28:28 9:11

32nd Yale HS Classic 30000 Meters
Coxe Cage – New Haven, CT, January 18, 2014
15th David Principe Jr 8:50.72

3rd Annual East Coast Invitational – Open Mile
Providence, RI, January 18, 2014
2nd Daniel Hawkins 4:37.75

The Batona 50 Miler
Ong’s Hat, NJ, January 19, 2014
2nd Issy Nielson – 9:49:00 (1st woman)
Issy got a bit off course and ran approximately 6 extra miles.