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George Ross “Tri’s”

Crabman Sprint Triathlon
July 28, 2013
 South Kingstowm, RI
Story by George Ross
Photo by Glenn Anderson
Full Results

In my debut year as a Triathlete I am learning that ‘I am learning’ and have a long list of things that I need to work on in the off-season and with that in mind I prepared myself to take part in The Crabman Sprint Triathlon (1/4 mile ocean swim, 10 mile bike and 5K run) on Sunday July 28th.

Preparing for a Triathlon is way more intense than any road race and the day before the race is consumed with preparation. I picked up my race packet at NBX then…

– Changed the wheels to race-day carbon wheels
– Add the front mounted hydration system so I can drink without leaving the Aero riding position
– Remove my seat bag and add a ‘sew-up’ tire spare for the race wheels
– Tape one GU onto the bike to be taken ½ way through the ride
– Tape my race # on my seat post
– Charge the GPS/Power head unit
– Oil the springs in my Speedplay shoe clips
– Cycling glasses, cleaned
– Make it nice and shiny

– Wet suit good to go
– Pink Swim Cap to designate that I was swimming in the first wave
– Add defogging spray to my swim goggles
– Body glide to add to the back of my neck to stop the suit from chaffing

– Add my race number to my race belt (which I will pick up when I change into my running shoes
– Check that the elastic lace locks are working (used for a quick change of shoes)

– Small towel to organize my cycling shoes and running shoes in the transition area
– One GU to take 15 minutes before the swim
– Baby powder to add to both pairs of shoes to make it easy to slip your bare feet into the shoes quickly
– Tri Bag back pack to carry all of the above and my helmet

With that all done, I put my one piece Tri-suit, timing chip (which wraps around your ankle) and my calf compression sleeves beside my bed and went to sleep, with the alarm set for 4:15.

As I drove down to the race I was very nervy about the swim. I have only been swimming for 11 months and I am not very good and to add to that I estimated that there would be 120 guys in the 1st wave, the old man wave (men over 45). That is a lot of folks for such a short distance…this one was going to get physical.

Once at the race transition area, I racked my bike and methodically set up my transition area as trained by Amy Rice. The bike must point the same direction as I will exit the transition area. My shoes must be orientated correctly, bike shoes pointing to the bike and running shoes parallel to the bike with my race belt under the running shoes. The shoes must be doused with talcum power. My helmet must be put on the bike in the direction to which I will put it on my head, with my bike glasses duly aligned.

Phew!, now I can go for a warm up swim – swim to the first buoy and back and work on “being smooth”. With my wetsuit on, pink cap on I walked the ¼ mile to South Kingstown Town Beach and the realized that when I got out of the water I had to run this ¼ mile back to my bike. This was going to hurt.

How to position yourself for the swim is extremely important. I am a low mid-pack swimmer and if I start too close to the front then the fast guys will simply swim over me. So, my plan was to start near the middle on the outside edge to avoid, as much as possible the inadvertent punching and kicking that occurs when swimming with a pack. There is no crying in swimming. Just before the gun went off I saw my friend Pete Rumsey run to the left of the pack, he dived in and I chased him into the water figuring he knew something that this rookie did not. ½ way to the first buoy I realized what he had seen…the current was flowing fast from left to right and as Pete and I swam towards the first buoy, the entire pack was drifting away from it. No bodily contact but that changed when I got to the buoy with everyone else and all hell broke loose…hands, legs, bodies everywhere but we all got around it and swam into the heavy current to the second buoy after which it was a left turn to shore. I made that left turn but because I have a tendency not to swim straight I headed off in the wrong direction. A quick adjustment and I was shore bound and this is where the constant drills that Amy puts me though come into being…..do not stop swimming until your fingers hit sand, take of your cap and put your goggles into them, pull the zip down on the wetsuit and lower your wet suit past your hips…all the while trying to run out of the water! Once out of the water it was that ¼ mile jog with wet suit on and more than a tad tired.


Races are won and lost in transition, the fast guys do it in about 40 seconds and I take about 1:25 as struggle to get my wet suit over my big feet. With my wet suit off it was time to put my cycling shoes on, riding glasses on, helmet on , unrack my bike and head to the corn fields. Yep, there was a ¼ mile run to the road., ugh! Once on the road, I moved the bike into my large chain ring, started my GPS and it was time to catch many of the guys who swam faster than me. It was a flat ride, I averaged 22.2mph with a couple of 24mph miles in there and I passed 25 riders. Feeling good that I was making progress, I got back to the cornfield, took my shoes off and pushed my bike through what seemed a very long ¼ mile.

Into transition, I found my rack, racked my bike, took off my helmet and glasses and switched my cycling shoes for my running shoes, tightened the lace locks, grabbed by race belt with my race number and into the run I went.

It is at this point in all Triathlons that you think…where are my legs? if you are lucky they will come back in half a mile. One of the tactics that I employed to help my legs was to spin pedal on the bike during the last ½ mile of the ride to ease the lactic acid build up.

My legs never came back to me and the situation worsened as my hip flexors tightened and became painful which is a by-product of driving hard in the aero portion of the bike and lack of flexibility (I really have to stretch more). It was a long 3.1 miles, I crossed the line in 109th place out of 431 finishers @ 1:09:33.

Exhausted but totally jacked!

The race was won in 54:04 by Derek Jakaboski.

I have much to learn and I need to hit the gym this winter to get stronger in the right areas but for now my attention turns to Firmman….a ½ Ironman distance…on September 8th.

Next up…July Results and a Blessing of the Fleet re-cap!

Blessing of the Fleet Turtle Stats

I asked the club to tell me what their fastest Blessing of the Fleet time was, what year that happened (if they could remember) and how many times they have run the Blessing.  I had 18 people report their stats.  Many Turtles were a bit fuzzy on how many Blessings they have run, I had answers like “6 or 7” and “between 8 and 15”.  I added the average Turtle Blessing PR, the average # of times run and the Total # of Turtle finishes to the stats.  The total # of Turtle finishes is a lot lower than they could be, as there were a lot of Turtles that did not respond.  Still a pretty cool list.  PR years and times range anywhere from 1983 to 2012 and from 51:17 to 1:17:12.

JP Blessing
John Peabody cooling off after the Blessing.

For more race stats, check out WTAC’s Muddy Puddin’s Blog as he has listed the winners back to 1996 along with how many runners went under 60 mins that year.  The Turtles most popular PR year, 2003, only had 26 runners under 60 mins and one of the slowest winning times in the history of the race, Matt Pelletier’s 53:18, behind only Stormin’ Norman’s 1996 winning time of 54:04…note, both of those winners were Turtles when they ran those races.

Good luck to everyone running the Blessing tonight…maybe you will lower your PR for next years list!

*Disclaimer…Turtles tend to blather, some of these times have not been validated  🙂


The rest of June and a wee bit of July.

The second half of June had fewer Turtles racing, but there were still some die-hards out there trying their best to race well int he heat of summer…possibly good training for the always hot Blessing of the Fleet at the end of July or the Run with the Beavers Trail Race this coming Saturday?  Either way, July is usually a big racing month in Rhode Island…we can’t wait to see the results!

USATF NE Junior Olympics – 3000 Meters
Fitchburgh State University, MA, June 22, 2013
1st Principe, David            9:34.27


Oh My Godard Sprint/Olympic Triathlons
Warwick, RI, June 23, 2013
50th   John Schieffren         2:18:25
65th   George Ross             2:24:55


Rosanne’s Rush For Research 5K
Nashua, NH, June 23, 2013
1st     THOR KIRLEIS         18:51  6:05
2nd     JASON NEWTON        19:11  6:12
11th      GINA NEWTON         20:56  6:46


Nipmuck South Trail Race
Mansfield, CT, June 30, 2013
9th Patrick Quinn       2:08:32.22  9:49
21st  Scott Mason         2:17:37.43  10:31









Chatham 5k Walk & 10k Run
Chatham, MA, June 30, 2013
21st   42:37  6:52    Lawrence Walker

Harvard Pilgrim Finish at the 50
Foxboro, MA, July 3, 2013
11th Martin Tighe 38:40   6:14

North Andover July 4th Road Races
North Andover, MA, July 4, 2013
5th Thor Kirleis    39:27  6:21 43

Arnold Mills 4 Mile Road Race
Cumberland, RI, July 4, 2013
133rd  RACHEL  FLAKSMAN       31:26

Camire’s 20th Firecracker 4 Miler
Wakefield, RI, July 4, 2013
27th  ROBERT CORSI          24:19  6:05
36th  Dave Schaad           25:50  6:28
57th  ISSY NIELSON          26:53  6:44
155th  GEORGE ROSS          32:20  8:05

June…Turtles racing strong.

Northmen Challenge 5k
North Smithfield, RI, June 1, 2013
2nd DAVE SCHAAD  20:05  6:28

Provincetown 10K
Provincetown, MA, June 2, 2013
4th – LAWRENCE WALKER    41:47  6:44

Iron Horse Half Marathon, 10K, 5K
Simsbury, CT, June 2, 2013
192nd – Rachel Flaksman    1:54:32  8:45

3rd Annual Reviver Challenge
Cumberland, RI, June 8, 2013
4th??  Robert Corsi – 18:26.80

Martin Tighe @ Gaspee Days (Scott Mason Photo)















48th Gaspee Days 5K
Cranston / Warwick, RI, June 8, 2013
4th   DAVID PRINCIPE JR    16:26.6  5:19
10th   DAVID PRINCIPE SR    17:25.5  5:38
14th   MARTIN TIGHE         17:57.1  5:48
29th   DAVE SCHAAD          19:19.5  6:15
30th   KEN KIREJCZYK        19:21.4  6:15
39th   PATRICK QUINN        19:48.8  6:24
63rd   ISSY NIELSON         20:30.3  6:37
106th   PIETER SNOEREN       21:31.8  6:57
468th   JUSTIN COSTA         27:19.2  8:49
519th   DUDLEY HARKINS       27:51.3  9:00
832nd   KEVIN MAGUIRE        31:53.9 10:18

Level Renner Story

Katie DeCubellis Memorial Foundation 5K Road Race & Walk
Narragansett, RI, June 9, 2013
66th   23:24  7:33 GEORGE Ross
199th   31:56 10:18 Kevin Maguire

Hollis Fast 5K (Downhill)
Hollis, NH, June 13, 2013
104th MARTIN TIGHE   16:26.2  5:19

53rd Northeast Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race
Pinkham Notch, Gorham, NH, June 15, 2013
285th Scott Mason     1:41:21 13:21
693rd Mark Mitsmenn   2:00:20 15:50

Joe Viger’s Mount Washington Shots

TARC 100/50 Miler – Thor’s Level Renner Story
Weston, MA, June 14 and beyond…
Hillary Peabody (NAT) fought through the grueling mud to outpace her father John Peabody 28 hours 34 mins to 29 hour 17 mins.
Thor Kirlies was pulled from the course at 95.5….yes that’s what I said 95.5 miles.
Lawrence Walker signed up for the 50 miler…and even started it. He was a smart man and called it quits.
This was a first year race out on by the Trail Animals Running Club…it had great potential and went off well…however mother nature did not cooperate dumping lots of rain leading up to the race leaving the course a muddy mess with knee, even hip deep mud and water. Congrats to those who went out there and gave it a go!

Start of the Will Speck 5k











10th Annual Will Speck Memorial 5k Race
Cranston, RI, June 16, 2013
1st   DAVID PRINCIPE JR     16:52  5:26
5th   DAVID PRINCIPE SR     17:57  5:47
7th   ROBERT CORSI          18:18  5:54
12th  DAVE SCHAAD           19:10  6:11
17th  KEN KIREJCZYK         19:28  6:16
25th  PATRICK QUINN         20:23  6:34

Mark Howard working hard at the Will Speck finish line



April Results

The weather is getting nice and lots of Turtles are out racing!  I found 16 different Turtles hitting the roads this month…did I miss any of you?  Leave a comment if I did!

There are lots of races coming up in May.  Here is a list of some races coming up this month that Turtles will be at….followed by April’s Race Results!

5/4/13 – Rocky Point 5k – Warwick, RI
5/11/13 – JBF-PTA 5K – Warwick, RI (This is on the Turtle Tuesday Night Course)
5/19/13 – Sugarloaf Marathon – Long Drive North, ME
5/19/13 – NE Distance Community 5k – Woonsocket, RI (TNTs Alan Bernier is the RD)
5/19/13 – Evan’s Run 5k – Norwell, MA (NE Runner Pub Series Race)

And many more….. Check Coolrunning!

April Race Results…

Moving To The Music 5K
Tiverton, RI, April 6, 2013
5th  DAVE SCHAAD  19:55  6:26

19th Annual Officer Thomas J. Giunta 5k Memorial Road Race
Fall River, MA, April 7, 2013
20th  Tony Wild  19:42.0

Danze – Francis Farm 5K Road Race
Rehoboth, MA, April 7, 2013
1st  Alan Bernier 17:10 5:32

Quonset 10 Miler and 5k
North Kingstown, RI, April 7, 2013
9th JOHN BRENNAN   1:09:42  6:59

Doyle’s Cafe








Doyles Emerald Necklace 5 Miler
Jamaica Plain, MA, April 7, 2013
44th    robert jackman 30:44.0      6:09/M
49th    Jason Newton 31:27.0      6:17/M
51st    jackie jackman 31:30.0      6:18/M
106th    Gina Newton 34:03.0      6:49/M
250th    Thor Kirleis pushing Camden Kirleis  37:57.0      7:35/M

Check out Scott Mason’s Doyle’s 5 Miler Photos!

These are the sights you get at a NE Runner Pub Series Race!










Jamestown Bridge 10K Road Race
North Kingstown, RI, April 7, 2013
10th  Robert Corsi  39:13.6  6:19

Gansett Marathon
Narragansett, RI, April 13, 2013
3rd  David Principe  2:45:15

Check out George Ross’s Gansett Marathon Photos!

East Greenwich Track Club Bunny Hop
Warwick, RI, April 13, 2013
11th DAVE SCHAAD 19:22  6:15
174th JOSEPH REDDY 32:06 10:20

10th Annual RIDA Nutrition Fuels Fitness 5k
Warwick, RI, April 14, 2013
5th DAVE SCHAAD  19:15
10th ANDREW GOODALE  20:20

Check out George Ross’s RIDA Photos!

Boston Marathon
Hopkinton, MA, April 15, 2013
2037th Vicky Jasparro 2:59:40
14184th Thor Kirleis 3:51:29 (Note: Thor ran to Hopkinton from Boston for a LONG warm-up in his preparation for the TARC 100 Miler in June…his first marathon was around 3:49?  Read about it HERE!)

Check out Scott Mason’s Boston Marathon Photos!

Ring Around The Neck 5 Miler
Marblehead, MA, April 21, 2013
4th Martin Tighe 29:14 5:51

Jack Bristol Lake Waramaug 50k
New Preston, CT, April 21, 2013
12th Larry Walker 4:41:51

Smithfield YMCA 5k Road Race
Smithfield, RI, April 27, 2013
3rd ROBERT CORSI 17:39 5:41

SNA 5K by the Bay
Newport, RI, April 27, 2013
12th DAVE SCHAAD 18:56.2 6:05/M

TARC Spring Classic 50k
Weston, MA  April 27, 2013
21st Thor Kirleis  4:57:37

James Joyce Ramble 10k
Dedham, MA, April 28, 2013
29th 37:08 5:59 Robert Jackman
62nd 40:15 6:29 Jacquelyn Jackman

Why wouldn’t you go to a NE Pub Series Race?








U.S. Masters 10k Championships @ The James Joyce Ramble
Dedham, MA, April 28, 2013
29th 36:33 5:53 David Principe

Check out Scott Mason’s James Joyce Ramble Photos!

14th annual Rumford Lions – Scott Gorham 5K Race
East Providence, RI, April 28, 2013
6th Dave Schaad 19:10

March Update

March was a relatively busy month for Turtle racing.  We had some signs of spring and other days where we thought spring would NEVER come!

Black Cat 20 Miler
Salem, MA, March 2, 2013
181st THOR KIRLEIS 3:06:53.3 9:21/M (Thor actually added 6.2 miles mid-race to make this a marathon, he is stupid…I mean AWESOME!)

Claddagh Pub 4 Miler
Lawrence, MA, March 3, 2013
11th   PATRICK QUINN   25:51.8  6:28

Caumsett 50k USATF National Championship
Lloyd Harbor, NY, March 4, 2013
12th Overall, 4th Woman, Jacquelyn Jackman 3:48:55
17th Overall, 6th Woman, Issy Nielson 4:01:21

Oceans Run Half Marathon & 5K
South Kingstown, RI, March 10, 2013
1st Bronson Venable 16:17.94 5:15

New Bedford Half Marathon
New Bedford, MA, March 17, 2013
82nd ROBERT JACKMAN 1:15:03 5:44
110th DAVID PRINCIPE 1:17:35 5:56
394th PATRICK QUINN 1:29:40 6:51
450th JACQUELYN JACKMAN 1:31:02 6:57
1554th MARK HOWARD 1:56:21 8:53

Check out Scott Mason’s New Bedford Photos!

2013 Shamrock Shuffle 5K Race
North Kingstown, RI, March 17, 2013
2nd Bronson Venable 15:39.79

Antelope Island Buffalo 100 Miler
Syracuse, UT, March 22, 2013
37th – John Peabody – 27hrs 25 mins 48 secs

Run the Reservoir 15k
Scituate, RI, March 23, 2013
12th Joseph Reddy 1:06:33 7:09

Beat the Chill, Climb the Hill 5K
South Kingstown, RI, March 23, 2013
16th George Ross 23:44.0 7:39/M

Stadium Fitness Old Irish Pub 5k
Wrentham, MA, March 30, 2013
5th 19:16 6:13 Dave Schaad

Scott Mason climbing at Big River

The Big River Half Marathon and 10k Trail Race was the finale of the South County 4th Season Trail Race Series.  This race was supposed to happen earlier in the month, but with a ton of snow still on the ground, RD Mike Galoob made the call to put the race off until the end of the month and hope all of the snow was gone….his gamble paid off and we were treated to a beautiful spring day.  With the dry conditions we were able to enjoy the amazing trails that Big River has to offer and it made for a fitting finale to a great series in which Turtles had a great showing at every race starting in December.  We came away from the series with many awards, including the Overall Male and Female Titles.  1st Place 14-18 Male, 1st place 30-39 Male and Female, 1st Place 40-49 Male and 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 7th 50-59 Male.  Most importantly, we took home the Overall Team Title!!  The fun part of this series was competing against the same people month after month over varying courses and having a friendly rivalry against the WTAC team.  I hope that next year we can get more teams involved, which will make for some team tactics and more fun out on the trails!

Big River Results 1/2 Marathon10k
Past Race Results – Old Mountain 5k Trail Race – Resolution 5k Beach & Trail Race
Belleville Pond 10k – Brr-lingame Snowy Sufferfest

Overall Series Results

Not a race result, but related to the South County 4th Season Trail Race Series…we have formed a good relationship with the WTAC folks.  On March 3rd, the weekend the Big River Trail Race was supposed to happen, David Principe and myself met-up with some of the WTAC guys and ran a long run from sea-level to the highest point in Rhode Island, Jerimoth Hill.  Check out some stories and pics HERE!

Lastly, some self promotion…with the South County 4th Season Trail Series over…you may need another trail race to train for!  The Run with the Beaver Trail Race is 7/13/13!