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Retro Results

I posted Ray Nelson’s 2003 Gaspee Day’s Race Report last year around this time, so I thought I would dig-up another.

Here are the results from June 6th &12th-13th 2004.

On June 6th in RI there were two venues with two races….both providence (Richmond square) and Jamestown (ali’s run) have a 5k AND a 10k) TNT had one turtle in a 5k (jamestown) and one turtle in a 10k (Richmond square)…..

June 6 JAMESTOWN – ALI’S RUN (5k and 10k certified courses)
5k –
2nd JOHN BRENNAN 18:25 (5:56)

10K –
1ST KEVEN O’NEIL (BAA) 32:23 (5:13)
7TH – ZAK KUDAK (TT – top turtle !!!) 36:25 (5:52)

JUNE 6 RICHMOND SQUARE (5k and 10k certified courses)
2ND – NORM BOUTHILLIER 16:10 (19 sec behind the winner)
46 – ERIC HOLMSTEDT 25:41 (TT)
82 – PAT ANGILLY (TFT) 36:44 (11:49 ) and 3rd senior lady
there were 87 finishers
3RD – DAVE SCHAAD – 36:50
there were 6 RI races this past weekend, that’s a lot !!!!! and 4 turtles ran a DRW (double race weekend, one on sat. and another on Sunday) They are GLENN JONES, DAVE SCHAAD, DUDLEY HARKINS, AND NED MURTHA…..read on to see how they (and others) did……
6 – GLENN JONES 15:33 (5:01)
8 – NORM BOUTHILLIER 16:11 (5:13)
18 – CAPT. KEN 17:40 (5:42)
25 – DAVE SCHAAD 17:51 (5:45)
35 – MARK ZARTARIAN 18:47 (6:03)
37 – LARRY WALKER 18:50 (6:04)
68 – CHRIS MCDONOUGH 20:38 (6:39)
119 – DUDLEY HARKINS 22:30 (7:15)
123 – BRIEN LANG 22:34 (7:16)
166 – NED MURTHA 23:44 (7:39)
There were 446 finishers. Course is accurate, but there was no starting line, but this year runners (thanks to Pat Angilly) lined up where
they were supposed to. There were no mile marks and no splits, making it tough to pace the race. It could have been worse..read on..
june 12 at URI – Matthew Siravo memorial 5k Certified course with two turn-around points. But – officials screwed up on the placement of the 2nd TAP, putting it AT the 2 mile mark, cutting 0.1426 miles off the course….which explains the fast times…..
1st Eamon Dempsey 15:49 (adjusted time of 16:35 for the pace he ran for 2.964 miles – the actual distance run)
2nd ZAK KUDLAK – 16:15 (adjusted time = 17:02 – 5:28.9 pace)
3rd “COUSIN” RICH NORTHUP – 17:42 (adjusted time = 18:33 – 5:58.3 pace) word has it that some runners don’t
want to hear that the course as run was short…and prefer to believe their great times.
In the words of some – what difference does it make??????
june 12 – Roger Williams
Park – URBAN LEAGUE ‘RUN FOR THE KIDS’ 5K -accurate course, newly measured the week before the race. ONLY 16 runners finished this race, won by mike proto (NAT) 18:53, and 2nd was judy Thompson (NAT) 23:07.
june 13 – LINCOLN PARK –
RHODY 5k – usatf-NE championship, so lots of out of staters and fast runners..two separate races – the men ran at 9:30, followed by a separate women’s race at 10 a.m. Course is certified, and miles well marked, but no splits were provided by the race.
GLENN JONES had just run 15:33 at gaspee the day before this race, and ran a ‘double’ race weekend. He finished 37th
in 16:26. DUDLEY HARKINS, who pulled off the same “double”, finished 253rd in 23:41 (7:38). He was 22:30 at gaspee.
june 13 –
Narragansett high school – KATIE DECUBELLIS MEMORIAL 5K -course is accurate.
1 – Mike tammaro (NAT) 17:30
2 – DAVE SCHAAD 18:11 (5:52) Dave also pulled a weekend double, after having raced gaspee in 17:51 the day before this one.
There were 416 finishers.
june 13 – GODDARD PARK – reMARCable 5k –
course is usatf certified, and this race not only has mile marks but also kilometer marks.
1st – BOB JACKMAN 16:21 (5:15 pace) Bob set a new PR (old one was16:36), and beat the rest of the field by a minute… With 568 finishers and many walkers, Bob had to avoid them on the out / back section, as
they were taking up most of the road..good thing he had a lead vehicle paving the way ahead of him…
DAVE PRINCIPE did not have that service, as he ran in 2nd place the whole way without a lead vehicle paving the way. Near the finish, the
3rd place guy gave him a decent and scary run for the money, but DP held him off by a stride (both were timed in 17:20). Turtles usually prevail in a sprint to the finish!!! Bob won $200 for the win, and Dave won $150 for 2nd place, but more money was to go the way of the turtle… read on. 15th was MIKE AMEND 19:54 (6:24). No prize $$$$ for him, but ..
JACKIE GORSKI (25th) was the 4th woman finisher and picked up $75 in prize money !!!! Her time was 20:35 (6:38), faster than 20:48 last month
on the same course, and she keeps bringing her times down!!!
93 NED MURTHA 24:10 (7:47) Ned ALSO pulled a ‘double race weekend’-DRW, he too raced Gaspee (23:44)…..
and lastly, KENENIS BEKELE OF ETHIOPIA (NAT)…broke the world record for 10K….at Ostrava, Czech Republic he ran 26:20.31 for 10K, breaking
the old record of 26:22.75, by a little more than 2 seconds. That’s 4:14.4 pace per mile!!!!!!!!

By the way…Kenny B went on to break that world record in 2005 running the still standing 26:17.¬† He will be running a 5000 in the Dutch Town of¬†Hengelo this weekend.