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Catching Up!

It has been quite a while since I have updated the site with results.  I am sure there are a ton missing, but see the below results from November and December

The 2015 Hard Shell Series Awards were given out at the Christmas Party, you can see the final results of that below as well.  The first race in the 2016 Series took place on 1/1/16 at the 1st Annual Buttonwoods 5k.  We had a decent showing, with 10 Turtles crossing the line.  The 2nd race in the series is in Foxboro, MA at the Old Fashioned 10 Miler.  This has been a Turtle favorite in years past!  I have updated the Race Series page on the website, but will add the remainder of the races once the schedule is set!

On top of the Hard Shell Series Races coming up, below I have included some races that some Turtles will be at in the near future!



TNT Christmas Party
East Greenwich, RI, December 18, 2015
All Turtles were victorious!

12357144_10205122473357914_2015113922036942427_o 12376483_10205122476798000_8749837337293344606_n 12377675_10205122475917978_7293426938702934268_o 12378101_10205122478918053_6476650425639043580_o
RI 6 Hour Ultramarathon
Warwick, RI, November 8, 2015
7th – ISSY NIELSON  – 37.814 miles – 5:39:33 (3rd Woman)
24th – JAKE SCHIEFFELIN – 32.412 – 5:44:59
31st – JOHN PEABODY – 32.412 – 5:57:58

Westerly Land Trust Setting the Pace for Conservation 5K
Westerly, RI, November 8, 2015
13th    George Ross     21:40.0      6:59/M

Veterans Day 5k
Cranston, RI, November 11, 2015
11th   18:07 – Daniel Hawkins
14th   18:55 – Brad Highcove

Happy Holidays Half MerryThon
Gloucester, MA, December 6, 2015
1st Bronson Venable   1:11:26 – 5:28

32nd Annual Christmas 10k and 3.3 Mile Walk
Newport, RI, December 13, 2015
TNT Men were victorious in the Team Competition!
2nd   34:40    Robert Jackman
5th   35:48    David Principe
10th   38:19   Robert Corsi
16th   38:55   Daniel Hawkins
24th   40:14   Steven McDaniel
33rd   41:31   Dave Schaad
35th   41:43    Ken Kirejczyk
36th   41:52    John Brennan
83rd   46:04   David Blessington
118th   48:36     Stephanie Hevenor
135th   49:33     Rachel Flaksman


Boston U Mini-Meet
BU, Boston, MA, January 2, 2016
1 Mile – David  Principe   4:58.46
3000 Meters –  Bronson Venable  8:56.19


Some words on the mile from Dave…

BU Mini Meet Summary:
Last Saturday (Jan 2nd) I entered one of the BU Mini Meets. This is an Open Indoor Track Meet Series that has been held for several years over the winter break at BU. The BU Indoor Track has a reputation as being one of the fastest indoor banked tracks in the country, so I figured that since I was taking DJ up there to compete with some of the other LSA boys I might as well do an event since I would be there anyway. I was debating back and forth as to whether I should enter the 3000m or the Mile. Typically the longer the event the better for me, but I eventually settled on the Mile. I had only raced the Mile one other time since High School and that was 2 years ago. I wanted to see what I could do now at age 49, so I preregistered and gave myself a seed time of 4:59. I had no real evidence that I could pull of a sub 5 min mile, but I figured I would be close. We arrived at BU after a couple of the 3000’s had already been run and settled in. We had plenty of time to warm up with all the 3000’s and 400’s plus the mile had 21 heat total. I was seeded 10th in the 11th Heat and there were approx 13 runners in each heat. People I knew who were there were asking me what I thought I could do and if I thought I could really break 5 min. I was trying to set the bar low and just kept saying I thought I could run close to 5 min, but a sub 5 min mile might be difficult. However, I had every intention of trying to break 5 min. My plan was to go out on 5 min pace and run as close to even splits as possible regardless of what was going on around me. I figured if I could do that and then have a good last lap that would put me in a position to break 5 min. I started on the “Waterfall” starting line in the upper 3 lanes of the track and had to wait until I got around to the other side of the track to cut in to lane one. The race went out real fast and the people on the regular starting line looked like there were flying out in front of me!! I ignored the pack and locked into my pace and settled in toward the back of the pack. The first lap is approx 209 meters when you run the mile and my time was 38.80 over that stretch. 5 min pace is 37.5 seconds per 200m laps, so I was about a second under pace, which was just was I wanted. Now it was a matter of locking in and not falling off the pace. I was very fortunate to be in a competitive heat as well. I was never in “No Man’s Land” and always had someone right in front of me or right behind me. As the race progressed, I was gradually picking off runners on every straight away and moving up in the field. I really did not care about my place and I was just trying to hold that 37.5 seconds per lap pace. The banks are great, but the straightaway’s were so soft and bouncy! I really felt like that is what makes this track fast. Half way through the race I was surprised that my legs felt pretty good considering I never run at this pace, but the air in the field house is real dry. Much dryer than us road runners are used too. At the 1200m mark, I wanted to try and swallow to create some saliva to moisten my mouth, but I did not want to do anything to throw me off pace. I was exactly on pace to break 5 min with 400m (2 laps) to go, so I just dealt with it and kept running. I had a strong last 400m and finished in 4:58.46!! My splits were super consistent and I never had a real fast lap or real slow lap. Needless to say I was super excited to be able to break 5 min at age 49. Plus I have done next to zero speed work since I ran the Baystate Marathon in October. Either way, it was a lot of fun to run indoors with my personal fan club (Norm, Bob, Scott, some LSA parents, DJ, Camps, Matt & Jack) stationed at every corner yelling at me. It really helped! Plus this was actually the first time I had ever run on a banked track so it was nice to get that off the bucket list. All in all it could not have gone any better.

Now I am planning to run the 3000m and the Mile at the USATF Masters Championships on 1-31-16 at the PTCA. The track there is flat and a bit slower than BU, but it should be fun to run the 3000m first and then see what I can do in the mile right after. There is also an open 3000 and open 5000 at this meet if anyone is interested in trying out the indoor track at the PTCA in Providence.

Some Upcoming Turtle Races!

1/16/16 – Open Mile – East Coast Track & Field Invitational
1/31/16 – USATF New England and East Region Masters Championship
2/6/16 – Krispy Kreme Challenge
2/7/15 – Belleville Pond 10k

July & August Results

Here is a roundup of some July and August results. I know I have missed some races…but I need to get to work, so this is all I could get through this morning. If you ran a race that does not show up on Coolrunning…please let me know! I want to post every result I can get my hand on!!

The next race in the Hard Shell Series will be the TNT Handicap Race on September 12th. Pieter will send out more information via email when that date is closer! The scoring will be based off of closest to predicted…so everyone has a shot!

Glocester Road Races 5.5 Miles
Glocester, RI, July 4, 2015
15th Issy Nielson 36:51.7 (1st place female)

Billington Memorial 5K
Somerset, MA, July 4, 2015
11th DAVE SCHAAD 20:26 6:36
18th GEORGE ROSS 21:36 6:58

Little Compton 4.8 Miler
Little Compton, RI, July 11, 2015
19h Dave Schaad 31:48.0 6:38/M

3rd Annual Run for Bauman 2.62 Miles
Chelmsford, MA, July 11, 2015
3rd BRAD HIGHCOVE 15:45 6:01

7th Annual Colon Cancer Awareness Run/Walk
Warwick, RI, August 2, 2015
1st Robert Corsi 16:17.21

The Run 4 Kerri was the 8th race in the TNT Hard Shell Series There were 8 Turtles in attendance on the usual hot and sunny day “down south”. Many Turtles picked up age group awards and some people headed over to the Mews

Run 4 Kerri 4 Miler TNT Hard Shell #8
Wakefield, RI, August 2, 2015
Check out some Scott Mason Photos
13th Robert Jackman – 22:26.60 5:37
21st David Principe Sr – 23:00.26 5:46
32nd Brad Highcove – 24:42.37 6:11
45th Steven McDaniel – 26:33.48 6:39
46th Dave Schaad – 26:44.25 6:42
49th Jacquelyn Jackman – 27:07.07 6:48
58th Michael Clark – 28:12.22 7:05
74th George Ross – 28:59.99 7:16



Get Steppin’ 5K
Fall River, MA, August 8, 2015
7th Dave Schaad – 19:26

Chilmark, MA, August 8, 2015
43rd Andrew Goodale 6:23 19:49.52

Monadnock Half Marathon & 5K
Rindge, NH, August 9, 2015
3rd – Issy Nielson – 1:35:22 (1st Place Female)

8th Annual Bobby Doyle 5 Mile USATF-NE Grand Prix
Narragansett, RI, August 9, 2015
Check out some Scott Mason Photos
75th Robert Jackman 5k split-16:58.0 (5:28)–Last 3.04k -10:36 (5:34)–Total Time – 27:34
127th David Principe 5k split-17:41.0 (5:42)–Last 3.04k -11:14 (5:54)–Total Time – 28:55
185th Robert Corsi 5k split-18:42.0 (6:02)–Last 3.04k -12:02 (6:19)–Total Time – 30:43
210th Brad Highcove 5k split-18:53.0 (6:05)–Last 3.04k -12:28 (6:33)–Total Time – 31:21
254th Steven McDaniel 5k split-19:59.0 (6:26)–Last 3.04k -12:45 (6:42)–Total Time – 32:44
294th Ken Kirejczyk 5k split-20:11.0 (6:30)–Last 3.04k -13:36 (7:09)–Total Time – 33:47
407th David Blessington 5k split-22:27.0 (7:14)–Last 3.04k -14:35 (7:40)–Total Time – 37:01

Fat Belly Turtles

The Belly to Belly Charity Run was on May 31st and celebrated its 5th year . The race has changed shapes many time over the last 5 years and this year was no different, as it changed locations for the first time to the new Fat Belly’s at the North Kingstown Golf Course. This is by far the best location to hold this event and I believe it will only grow in future years.

The basis of this race is…DRINK…RUN…EAT…RUN…DRINK over the 2.5 mile course and TNT has dominated the race in previous years. This year however, some actual runners showed up to make it interesting. The main part of this Hot Dog Eating, Beer Drinking Race is the team competition. It is scored “cross country style” and the teams are made up of 2 members. TNT had four teams this year and they were pretty evenly matched up. In hind sight, seeing some faster runners there, we should have put our strongest two runners together to go for the “W”. But, we had some fun out there anyway!


TNT Individual Results
3rd – Dan Hawkins – 15:18
4th – Bob Jackman – 15:47
6th – Patrick Quinn – 17:51
7th – Bob Corsi – 17:56
10th – Andrew Goodale – 18:47
11th – Justin Allen – 19:01
26th – Pieter Snoeren – 20:28
24th – Mark Howard – 21:06

TNT Teams scored Cross Country Style
13 points – Dan/Andrew
18 points – Bob C/Justin
26 points – Pat/Pieter
28 points – Bob J/Mark

TNT Teams scored by Total Time
34:05 – Dan/Andrew
36:53 – Bob J/Mark
36:57 – Bob C/Justin
38:57 – Pat/Pieter

Some thoughts on the race from Andrew Goodale
This was my first “food and drink” race, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had a blast, and my body held up better than expected! My main goal was to not throw up; winning the team race was also pretty high on the list… Things that I learned:
1. I can drink beer pretty fast when I put my mind to it.
2. Tripping over your shoelaces does not impact hot dog eating.
3. Patrick Quinn has mastered hot-dog eating.
4. If someone invites you to play a game involving electric shocks, don’t play left-handed (unless you are left-handed).

Enjoy some photos taken by Amy Corsi!
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Upcoming Races…
6/14/14 – Gaspee Days 5k
7/12/14 – Run with the Beavers Trail Race
Join USATF Rewards!

Turtles at Boston

If you didn’t hear, the Boston Marathon happened yesterday.  Both the men’s and women’s races had some interesting battles take place.  In the women’s race, Shalane Flanagan set the pace early and led the women through 19 miles only to be overtaken with the defending champion Rita Jeptoo taking the win in course record time (2:18:57).  Shalane held on for over a 3 minute PR to finish 7th (2:22:02).  On the men’s side, what was dubbed the “Fastest Boston field ever” let Meb go after 15k.  Meb only had the 15th fastest PR going into Boston, but built up enough of a gap, that he was able to hold on for USA’s first win since Greg Meyer in 1983, he had to set a PR to do it (2:08:37).  There is some talk that the other Americans tried to “help” Meb, by using some Tour de France tactics and not leading the Africans in the chase.  Either way, Meb put it out there and came out on top!

Martin Boston
Martin Tighe in the blue and yellow “RLW” singlet.

How did the Turtles do?  See below!

403rd – Martin Tighe – 2:41:38 (1st in the 55-59 Age Group…on HIS BIRTHDAY!)
4995th – Lindsay Amherst – 3:13:48
6377th – David Principe – 3:19:39
8112th – Thor Kirleis – 3:26:06

Dave P Boston
David Principe

Check out some Scott Mason Photos

Latest Results…Spring is here, kinda.

The Irish Hat 5K Run/Walk
New Bedford, MA, March 9, 2014
2nd – Shawn Whalen 22:14 7:11

Oceans Run Half Marathon & 5K

South Kingstown, RI, March 9, 2014
29th – Patrick Quinn 1:31:20 6:59
132nd – George Ross 1:48:55 8:19

### The D5K ###

Danvers, MA, March 12, 2014
27th 29:57 9:32.3 Marisol Ficaro

3rd Annual Mick Morgan’s 5k
Sharon, MA, March 15, 2014

Cambridge 5k – Craicfest
Cambridge, MA, March 16, 2014
4th 19:07 6:10 19:08 Thor Kirleis

37th Annual New Bedford Half Marathon
New Bedford, MA, March 16, 2014
171st MARTIN TIGHE 1:19:33 6:05
452nd STEVEN MCDANIEL 1:31:08 6:58

Brrr-lingame 10 Mile Trail Race
Charlestown, RI, March 22, 2014
5th – Robert Jackman – 1:04:33 – 6:27
16th – Robert Corsi – 1:13:29 – 7:213
4th – John Peabody – 1:28:35 – 8:52

Brrr-lingame 5 Trail Race
Charlestown, RI, March 22, 2014
9th – Liam Mckenzie – 47:25 – 9:29
17th – Rachel Flaksman – 50:32 – 10:06

NJ Ultra Festival 100 Miler
Augusta, NJ, March 22, 2014
19th (3rd woman) – Issy Nielson – 28:35:12

Check out a video that shows the trail conditions of Issy’s Race

Run The Reservoir 15K
North Scituate, RI, March 29, 2014
2nd – ROBERT JACKMAN 55:56 6:01
3rd – DAVID PRINCIPE 56:01 6:02
8th – WARREN ANGELL 59:41 6:26

Run Nayatt 5K
Barrington, RI, March 29, 2014
11th – Dave Schaad 19:45
19th – Liam Mckenzie 20:39

An Ras Mor 5K
Cambridge, MA, March 30, 2014
103rd – Martin Tighe – 17:42 55

Bailey’s Run for Autism
Foxboro, MA, March 30, 2014
2nd – BRAD HIGHCOVE 19:19.1 6:13/M

You can check out some photos of the above races at Scott Mason’s Site

Some upcoming races…
4/5 – Big River 1/2 Marathon and 10k Trail Race
4/13 – Doyle’s Emerald Necklace 5 Miler
5/11 – The Quahog Mile

July 2013 Results

Racing continued in the month of July for many Turtles despite the HOT weather!  It looks like at least 16 different Turtles got out there and got it done!  August racing will get underway soon with the Run4Kerri on Sunday 8/4/13 and the New England Runner Pub Series which returns on 8/18/13 in Portsmouth, RI at the Common Fence Point 5 Miler.  It would be nice to get a big crowd of Turtles at both of these races!

Here is a little contest for this blog post…first person to email me at rjackman11@gmail.com with the identity of the Turtle in this photo will win a free beer at Track 84 on a Tuesday!  (if you don’t drink…we will figure out an alternate prize)

We have a WINNER!  Dave Principe guessed correctly with Captain Ken Kirejczyk.  This photo was taken at the Will Speck 5k in June!










Run With The Beavers Trail Races  Check out Scott Mason’s Photos!
Chepachet, RI, July 13, 2013
9th Patrick Quinn 1:20:41
31st Issy Nielson 1:40:40
32nd Chris Jasparro 1:40:40
55th Lawrence Walker 1:56:28

33rd Little Compton 4.8 Mile Road Race
Little Compton, RI, July 13, 2013
22nd DAVE SCHAAD 30:20 6:20
33rd ANDREW GOODALE 31:53 6:39

VERT Race Series – Sasquatch
Stoneham, MA, July 14, 2013
21st 15:16 6:30 Thor Kirleis

Stowe 8-Miler
Stowe, VT, July 14, 2013
49th – Karen Benway – 54:04.2 6:46

Cacapon 12 Hour Challenge (Trail)
Berkeley Springs, WV, July 21, 2013
13th – Issy Nielson – 40 Miles (stopped after 8 Hours) 5th woman

Tri Quionset
Quonset Point, RI, July 21, 2013
43rd George Ross Swim – 17:02 Bike – 30:41 Run – 20:56 Total – 1:10:44

Blessing of the Fleet 10 Mile Road Race & Walk  – Check out Scott Mason’s Photos!
Narragansett, RI, July 26, 2013 – Check out Dave Principe’s Race Report!
20th David Principe Sr. 58:27.0 5:51/M
37th David Principe Jr. 59:52.0 5:59/M
65th Robert Corsi 1:02:46.0 6:17/M
100th Robert Jackman 1:05:24.0 6:32/M
119th Ken Kirejczyk 1:06:51.0 6:41/M
2435th John Peabody 1:51:20.0 11:08/M


Ultra Around the Lake
Wakefield, MA, July 26, 2013
104th Lawrence Walker 16.70 Miles – 2:13:04

35th Annual Carver Cranberry Road Race  Check out Scott Mason’s Photos!
Carver, MA, July 27, 2013
143rd MARTIN TIGHE 30:56 6:11/M

Crabman Triathlon
South Kingstown, RI, July 28, 2013 – Check out George Ross’s Race Report!
109th George Ross Swim – 10:50 Bike – 31:56 Run – 24:09 Total – 1:09:33

Yankee Homecoming 5K & 10 Miler
Newburyport, MA, July 30, 2013
1120th Marisol Ficaro 1:43:30 10:21

Belleville Pond 10k Trail Race

Belleville Pond 10k Trail Race
Race Summary by DJ Principe
Full Results

Photo by Bob Jackman during warm-up

My dad and I arrived at the race around 8:50 a.m. We noticed that every other Turtle had on “screw shoes.” Bob just so happened to be making a pair of his own, so my dad and I were able to use his extra screws to make our own, as well.

The next thing we did was go for a warm-up. We went out and ran the last mile and a half of the race in reverse, then turned around and headed back. Conditions looked good, and it seemed like the screw shoes were helping.

The race went off around 10 o’clock at an honest pace. I got into the trail with a pack consisting of around the top six runners. After about a mile and a half, Bob, a WTAC guy and an unattached guy began to put a little separation on my pack of three. I hit Mile 2 in the same pack, and I was in between the two runners. But I fell after going up the hill immediately after the Mile 2 marker. I lost a little ground on fourth place, but nothing too crazy. This is the way the positions stayed for the next mile or so.

After about Mile 4, I could feel my legs beginning to tire out. As I hopped onto the railway leading to the Mile 5 marker, I began to make up some ground after hearing sixth place beginning to creep up on me. Fourth place, a WTAC guy, began to surge after Mile 5, and I now had to concern myself with the sixth place runner.

He was coming up strong and didn’t sound like he was hurting too much. As he came up, behind me he began to encourage me to keep pushing. He could tell I was beginning to struggle, and it was nice to have him there to not only give me confidence but to remind me that I needed to keep pushing. I was able to put a second or two on him by using my size advantage to fit under a fallen tree much more easily than he did, however, that quickly evaporated. He passed me and said, “Now I am going to pass you, but you better stay right behind me.” I chuckled a little and tried my best to do so. We remained about 2 to 3 seconds apart for the remainder of the .2-mile finish.

I was concerned with the team scoring after finishing. But my fears subsided when I saw my dad finishing with no one in sight. After taking some doughnuts, the team went out for a nice cool-down that hurt like hell. My legs felt like rubber, but I knew the 12.2-mile day was going to help a lot for the next race (a 10-miler) and also for my endurance for the upcoming track season.

Overall, it was a very successful day for the team. Bob came in second overall by outsprinting a guy at the finish, Jackie was first female, my dad was first master and the team won first, as well. And, once again, I got to walk home with none of the team prize: a case of beer. I think my dad owes me a six-pack of root beer.

2012 Newport Christmas 10k Run

Christmas 10k Run
Newport, RI – December 9, 2012
Race Report by Patrick Quinn
Race Photos by Scott Mason
Group Photo by Bob Jackman
2011 Race Report

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If you haven’t had a chance to look at this year’s Christmas 10K Race Results, it was another successful year for TNT.

For the Individual Awards, Martin Tighe, Dave Schaad, and John Brennan took  1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively in the 50-59 age group.  Bob Jackman and Alan Bernier were 3rd and 5th in the Men’s Open age group and Jackie Jackman was 3rd in the Women’s Open age group.

In the Team Competition the Turtles were aiming to win their 10th title in 13 years.  There was a healthy competition this year against the Westerly Track & Athletic Club.  The WTAC came ready to do battle and put up a good fight that saw 2 WTAC runners finish directly in front of TNT senior ace Martin Tighe.  In the end the TNT A team was able to retain their title winning by 1:16 over the WTAC.  The TNT B and C teams took 3rd and 4th teams respectively.

Runners enjoyed unusually warm temps near 50 degrees with minimal wind so the conditions were near perfect for a great time.

We also had two new members running this year which was Andrew Goodale and myself.

Andrew went out with the intention of running 7:30s and he ended up running 7:00 min miles.

I also had high expectations. I’ve been pretty good at estimating my race predictions lately and this race was no exception. My “A” goal was to break 40 with 40:30 and 41:00 being my backup goals.

This is only second time I’ve raced this distance and the first time was at last year’s Christmas 10K in which I ran a 43:32 which coincidently was Andrew’s exact time this year. I knew running the Tuesday Course with the faster members and training from A Better Pace prepared me well so I was confident I could nail this goal. I had every intention of running progressive as part of my sub 40 plan but after some personal deliberation at the race start, I would go for even splits. I felt very comfortable running the first 4 miles. Just after completing 3 miles, I caught up to two runners, one of which was JB who gave me some needed inspiration telling me I owned the road and to be a metronome. This helped a lot and I was able to maintain and get into a nice groove. I slipped during the 5th mile but I was able to get back onto pace for the 6th mile. Somewhere, I believe after the 5th mile, I could hear Jackie behind me. I knew it was her because I heard her patented slight cough. I didn’t turn around I just kept working. I felt myself fading but I was able to kick it into another gear and as I approached the last hill before the finish at Rogers High School, I felt relieved the end was near. I passed another runner going up the hill and then for good measure, I saw another runner ahead of me that I would try to pass. As I approached that runner near the shoot, I turned my head to the left and looked at Bob and he said, “You got it”. I looked up at the time and it read 39:50. I crossed the finish line with that runner at the same time of 39:53 but I was given 26th place and he got 27th. I think Alan Bernier was right when he told me I should have waited to cross the finish line before throwing up the fist pump. Rookie mistake. I was thrilled with a big PR of over 3 minutes. Splits: 6:25, 6:25, 6:23, 6:27, 6:32, 6:25 and 6:11 for the last 0.2

After the race and a cool down run, we all headed into the cafeteria for some post- race food and beverages. The food highlight was the Allie’s donuts. I think Bob ate a whole box.

TNT really cleaned house with the awards in the form of beer of course. Even non-TNT winners and Scott Mason who didn’t run (he was shooting pictures) got beer.

From there, Myself, Scott Mason (Thanks Scott for the first beer), Bob Jackman, Jackie Jackman, Alan Bernier, Andrew Goodale enjoyed some great food and beer at Yesterday’s in Newport.

We will be sure to represent well next year for the 30th edition of the Newport Christmas 10K

TNT Results

TNT A – 1st Place Team – 1:44:52

1. Bob Jackman – #4 Overall #3 Division – 33:49
2. Alan Bernier – #7 Overall #5 Division – 34:42
3. Martin Tighe – #14 Overall #1 Division – 36:21

TNT B – 3rd Place Team – 1:56:12

1. Bob Corsi – #17 Overall #11 Division – 37:20
2. Dave Schaad – #22 Overall #2 Division – 38:59
3. Patrick Quinn – #26 Overall #14 Division – 39:53

TNT C – 4th Place Team – 2:05:38

1. John Brennan – #33 Overall #3 Division – 40:39
2. Joe Reddy – #38 Overall #5 Division – 41:27
3. Andrew Goodale – #69 Overall #26 Division – 43:32

Jackie Jackman – #28 Overall #3 Division – 40:01
Marisol Ficaro – #323 Overall #23 Division – 58:24

3/17 to 3/25/2012 Tuesday Night Turtles Race Results

Dave Principe @ the NB 1/2

1st Mick Morgan’s St Pat’s Day 5k
Walpole, MA, March 17, 2012
6th – 20:17 – 6:33 – Dave Schaad

Shamrock Shuffle 5K
North Kingstown, RI, March 17, 2012
? –  JOHN BRENNAN – 19:53.3 – 6:24/M

New Bedford Half Marathon
New Bedford, MA, March 18, 2012
36th – ALAN BERNIER      1:12:24
73rd – MARTIN TIGHE       1:15:22
104th – DAVID PRINCIPE   1:17:45

Quincy 1/2 Marathon & 5K Road Race
Quincy, MA, March 18, 2012
85th – Lawrence Walker     1:30:39.0

Nayatt 5K
Barrington, RI, March 24, 2012
11th – DAVE SCHAAD – 18:55 – 6:05/M

17th Annual Eastern States 20 Miler
Salisbury, MA, March 25, 2012
46th – 2:22:25 – 7:07 – Lawrence Walker
73rd – 2:31:09 – 7:33 – Patrick Quinn

Quonset 10 Mile
North Kingstown, RI, March 25, 2012
9th – JOHN BRENNAN – 1:06:17 – 6:38

Quonset 5k
North Kingstown, RI, March 25, 2012
2nd – Dave Schaad – 19:31 – 6:17
6th – GEORGE ROSS – 21:17 – 6:52

New Jersey Ultra Festival 50 Miler
Augusta, NJ, March 24, 2012
3rd – Issy Nielson- 7:48:29 (1st Woman)

Photo by Scott Mason

Wanna race this weekend? 12/17-18 Race Schedule

Rhode Island Races

December 18, 2011 (Sunday)

2nd Annual Beat Santa 5k
Portsmouth, RI
10:00AM common fence point community center, 929 Anthony Road (a festive fun
run where runners must beat Santa to receive a present
Contact: john santillo (RIRR). 1-401-714-4581 katjonkkd@cox.net
Yahoo! Maps | Register Now | Race Results

Old  Mountain 5k Trail Race
Wakefield, RI 10:00AM Old Mountain Field,
Wakefield, RI., 831 Kingstown Rd (3.1 mile loop of diverse wooded trails and
fields. Food drive for charity. USATF
Contact: Mike Galoob (RunAmok Racing). 1-401-256-2645 mikegaloob@gmail.com
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Massachusetts Races

December 17, 2011 (Saturday)

City Sports Run Club
Cambridge, MA 10:00AM City Sports, 1815 Massachusetts Avenue
(Every Saturday. All Fitness Levels Welcomed! 3 & 5 Mile Loops.)
This event is the 3rd part of a weekly 12 part series.
Contact: Jason Bui (City Sports Porter Square) redhotsox@hotmail.com
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CMS 52-Week 5K Series
Worcester, MA 9:00AM Worcester
State University, Gymnasium lobby, 486 Chandler Street
This event is the 14th part of a weekly 14 part series.
Contact: Joe Alfano (Central Mass Striders).
1-508-767-7468 jalfano@assumption.edu
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Freedom Trail Run
Boston, MA 8:30AM Boston Common (Park & Tremont), Box 170750
This event is the 30th part of a weekly 52 part series.
Contact: Ed OConnor (Freedom Trail Run). 1-617-398-0611 info@freedomtrailrun.com
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Snowstorm Classic 5k
Springfield, MA 9:30AM Porter Lake
Skate house, Forest Park (Santioned event/certified course/ entry fee 4)
Contact: Art Roberts (Greater Springfield Harriers). 1-413-734-0955 robo616@aol.com
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Boston, MA 10:30AM City Sports, 1035
Commonwealth Avenue (Fun run & potluck breakfast)
This event is the 9th part of a weekly 52 part series.
Contact: Hashmeyer (TMIRCE) tmirce@informalrunning.com
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December 18, 2011 (Sunday)

5th Marathon Sports Somerville Jingle Bell Run
Somerville, MA 11:00AM Davis Square, Elm
Street (a rock n roll Christmas Run)
Contact: Somerville Striders Athletic Club. 1-617-625-2140 BAEvents@aol.com
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Cambridge 5K – Yulefest
Cambridge, MA 10:00AM Clover Food Labs, 7 Holyoke St.,
Harvard Square (Festive 5K Race Followed by an AMAZING Party Sponsored By
THREE Craft Brewers!
)Contact: Ed OConnor (Cambridge Five K).
1-617-398-0611 ed@cambridge5k.com
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Chabad of the North Shore Chanukah Run-a-Latke
Swampscott, MA 2:00PM Chabad House in
Swampscott, 44 Burrill Street (Family 5K and Childrens Miler: Fun, Fit, Festive)
Contact: Allie Vered (North Shore Striders). 1-804-269-6900 allie_vered@hotmail.com
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Colonial Road Runners Winter Fun Run Series
Abington, MA 1:00PM Abington Police Station, 215 Central St (A low-key, weekly timed
fun run open to all runners!
)This event is the 4th part of a weekly 10 part series.
Contact: Colonial Road Runners. 1-781-878-8622 funruns@colonialrunners.org
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NE Barefoot Runners Back Bay Charles River 10K Run and 10 Minute Barefoot Running Clinic (Free)
Boston, MA 1:00PM Hatch Shell (meet on the river side close to the shell), 1 David G Mugar Way (barefoot fun run on a tested smooth, flat asphalt path along the Charles River.)This event is the 3rd part of a weekly 19 part series.
Contact: Preston (New England Barefoot Runners). 1-781-789-2332 barefootrunners@yahoo.com
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