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2013 – September Results

September was a busy month in Turtledom, there were at least 18 different Turtles found in the race results.  Again keep in mind that these results are only results that are on Coolrunning, so if you ran in a race in September and aren’t listed here, please send me an email at rjackman11 at gmail.com.

This month Turtles ran in a variety of races.  There were 5ks, trail race, marathons, ultra-marathons, high school cross country race, canoe race and everything in between.

Some results that I know of that are not listed below are DJ Principe’s first High School Cross Country races.  He ran the freshman race at the injury fund in Burrillville and won by about a minute and a half, setting a new course record by around 30 secs.  DJ also ran his first dual meet and won that as well…I am sure he will keep on rolling well though out the season.

There are many races in the near future for many Turtles.  Marathon season is upon us, the Grog & Dog Jog is 10/13/13, the final NE Pub Series Race is 10/20/13 and the road race calendar for Rhode Island is jam-packed with October races!

What are you planning for the Fall?

PS…Wilson Kipsang broke the marathon World Record yesterday in Berlin…he ran 2:03:23.  Wilson did not pay his Turtle dues this year, but I thought I would mention it anyway.

Labor Day Memorial 5k Run & Walk
West Warwick, RI, September 2, 2013
2nd 16:30 5:19 Bronson Venable

38th Run Around the Block
Block Island, RI, September 7, 2013
12th Lawrence Walker – 1:05:11.0 7:01/M

Perspectives Corporation 5K
Warwick, RI, September 8, 2013
2nd Bronson Venable 16:02.77

FIRMman 70.3
Narragansett, RI, September 8, 2013
208th – George Ross – Swim- TT1- Bike – TT2- Run -Total
St Augustine 5K
Providence, RI, September 14, 2013
6th DAVID PRINCIPE, JR. 17:46 5:44
12th DAVID PRINCIPE 17:51 5:46
28th ISSY NIELSON 21:12 6:51

Race, Walk and Roll for Parkinson Disease 5K
E Greenwich, RI, September 14, 2013
3rd KEN KIREJCZYK 19:11 6:12
5th DAVE SCHAAD 19:23 6:16

S Boston, MA, September 15, 2013
20th Gina Newton 21:57.0 7:05/M

Lone Gull 10K USATF Grand Prix Race
Gloucester, MA, September 15, 2013
80th Martin Tighe 35:58 5:48 36:01 5:48
658th Marisol Ficaro 56:54 9:10 57:19 9:14

Pisgah Mountain Trail Race: Story by Patrick Quinn
I wanted to cap off the summer racing season with something a bit different this year and I was due for a destination race. With marathon training on hold for the fall, Ive been putting emphasis on my trail running since June racing a 14 miler in CT. (Nipmuck South) and a 10 miler (Run with the Beavers). Also, Ive been getting into Big River quite a bit. I was able to line up the weekend of September 15 to venture to New Hampshire’s largest state park, Pisgah State Park. Its located in the southwest corner of the state in Chesterfield near Keene State. There were two flavors 23K and 50K. I went with the 23K of course since my mileage is in the mid 40s and has been consistent but not alot of long runs. It was an early morning leaving at 515am with Bob and Jackie. Long ride of 2.5 hours but it was relaxing making note of all the local culture. The weather couldnt have been better, low 40s and bright clear skies. We got there nice an early so no stressing about lines to get bib or go to the bathroom. John Peabody showed up too, for the 50k he reminded me I wasnt running an ultra, lol. After getting settled, Bob and I did just an EZ 1 mile to show me the finish chute area and a stop sign before the last turn. With such great weather conditions, my confidence rose since I was stressing a bit about the 2000 feet net elevation gain. As we lined up, I can remember not really feeling as pumped as I thought I would be. The RD gave us his spiel on the course. It was a wet in sections due to the 5 inches of rain on the previous Thursday but here’s what got my attention: Watch out for bees? What? not bears or other creatures, nope bees. In parallel with that announcement, my caffeine gel kicked in and I was ready! The first almost 2 miles were on roads. It was fast but made sure not to go all out. As we entered, the trail I felt great. The weather helped breathing alot. For the first 6 miles, I ran with a group of 3. I was stronger on the ups than the downs because it was very wet I was a bit cautious. The highlight early on was near 5 miles a runner not too far ahead was yelling some kind of “e” word. As I listened intently, yup he was yelling bees! They were coming up from the ground! As I ran over their “hive”? They were bouncing all over my calves and then I felt the searing of the stingers. The adrenaline was flowing now and we were not too far from one of the courses biggest climbs at 6.5 miles. It was tough but I didn’t die. It was cool getting up to the rocky section of Mt. Pisgah. I felt good knowing I was conquering my first mountain race. It wasn’t until 10 miles that I felt tired, so I went with another gel and soon after I progressed faster each mile as the elevation was mostly down from 11 on. What I was most proud of was when I exited the trail back on the roads with about a mile left, I never died BUT there was one hill left around 13.5. I broke thru that and saw the stop sign Bob showed me and while I was relieved I still felt strong and pulled up a fast finish into the chute. I was satisfied with my effort coming in at 2:00:27, 18th place. Bob did great too coming in at 1:45:38, 4th place. After trading Pisgah “War” Stories” with Bob, Jonny Hammett, and Mike Wade. We headed off to the Gardner Ale House for a hearty lunch and a couple of brews.

2013 Pisgah Mountain Trail Race, 23k
Chesterfield, NH, September 15, 2013
4th Robert Jackman – 1:45:38 – 7:24
18th Patrick Quinn – 2:00:27 – 8:27

2013 Pisgah Mountain Trail Race, 50k
Chesterfield, NH, September 15, 2013
66th John Peabody – 6:55:20 – 13:24

Run Back To School 5k Race
Rehoboth, MA, September 15, 2013
1st Venable, Bronson 18:32.61
17th Hamilton, Bob 26:55.30

Racing to Register 5K
North Reading, MA, September 15, 2013
3rd Thor Kirleis 20:36 6:38

Surftown 1/2 Marathon & 5K
Westerly, RI, September 15, 2013
343rd RACHEL FLAKSMAN 1:48:28.98

Foxboro, MA, September 21, 2013
4th Dave Schaad 18:25.28 5:56

VERT – Big Bad Wolf 5 Mile Trail Race
Ipswich, MA, September 21, 2013
7th 32:49 32:49 6:34 Thor Kirleis

3rd Annual Back on Track 5k
Narragansett, RI, September 22, 2013
11th Issy Nielson 21:20

Tavern to Tavern 3 Miler (was supposed to be 5k)
Cambridge, MA, September 22, 2013
15th Robert Jackman – 16:55 – 5:38
67th Jacquelyn Jackman – 20:11 – 6:43

CVS Caremark Downtown 5K
Providence, RI, September 22, 2013
37th BRONSON VENABLE 15:41.0 5:03/M
93rd ROBERT CORSI 17:38.8 5:40/M
135th KEN KIREJCZYK 19:20.2 6:13/M

Society of St. Vincent DePal Friends of the Poor 5 Mile Run
Bristol, RI, September 28, 2013
3rd Ken Kirejczyk 31:55.11

Jack Kerouac 5k
Lowell, MA, September 29, 2013
39th RACHEL FLAKSMAN 22:18.9 7:11

Nahant 30K USATF-NE Grand Prix Race
Nahant, MA, September 29, 2013
29th Martin Tighe 1:54:23 6:09

Clarence DeMar Marathon
Keene, NH, September 29, 2013
32nd 3:14:42 7:26 Thor Kirleis

Mist to Mews Canoe/Kayak Race
Wakefield, RI, September 29, 2013
12th 1:16:30 10:56 Robert Corsi / Amy Corsi

11th Annual “In Step With Autism” LONG? 5K Run
Bristol, RI, September 29, 2013
3rd Michael Clark – 22:47