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Is Winter Over Yet?

Check out some of the latest results!  I am sure everyone is looking forward to the time change this weekend, I know I am!!

Kingman Farm Moonlight Snowshoe 4.5 Miler
Madbury, NH, February 15, 2014
5th Robert Jackman 36:19 (8:05)
19th Patrick Quinn 45:25 (10:06)
58th George Ross 55:39 (12:22)

3 Turtles
Patrick Quinn, George Ross and Bob Jackman @ Kingman Farm

Check out some cool night shots from Scott Mason

Rhode Island High School Indoor Track State Meet
Providence, RI, February 15, 2014
3rd David Principe JR 3000 meters 8:51.18
8th David Principe JR 1500 meters 4:12.85
10th David Principe JR 1000 meters 2:46.18

Old Fashioned Ten Miler…actually 5 Milerish
Foxboro, MA, February 16, 2014
38th STEVEN MCDANIEL 36:21.4 7:16/M
40th BRAD HIGHCOVE 36:31.3 7:18/M

The Old Fashioned 10 Miler was again struck with bad timing of a snow storm. Last year the race was cancelled at the last minute because of the police having safety concerned with the road conditions. This year, the race was again threatened with a big storm the day before. They seemed to have everything in place after last years issues, a “snow date” for the following weekend, many updates before the race once it was evident there would be a storm. But when all was said in done, the race ended up a 5 miler. I have run the OFTM many times and it is a great race, it must have been a tough decision and I definitely feel for the race organization, as I am sure there were a bunch of unhappy runners.

40th Annual Jones Group 10 Miler
Amherst, MA, February 23, 2014
114th    MARTIN TIGHE       1:01:06.4     6:07/M

Exeter Snowshoe Hullabaloo 4 MilerScott Mason Photos
Exeter, NH, February 22, 2014
27th  41:09 Issy Nielson

Hyannis Marathon
Hyannis, MA, February 23, 2014
27th  3:08:33  7:12 Thor Kirleis
38th  3:15:38  7:28 Issy Nielson

Hyannis Half Marathon
Hyannis, MA, February 23, 2014
799th  1:49:22  8:21 Rachel Flaksman

Its not all serious business at nationals!

U.S. Snowshoe National Championship 10k (Men’s Race) Scott Mason Photos
Woodford, VT, March 1, 2014
27th – 48:58 (7:53) Robert Jackman
82nd – 57:35 (9:16) Warren Angell

U.S. Snowshoe National Championship 10k (Women’s Race) Scott Mason Photos
Woodford, VT, March 1, 2014
26th – 1:01:36 (7:53) Issy Nielson

Issy at Nats
Issy Nielson at SS Nationals

U.S. Snowshoe National Championship (Relay 4 x 2.5+k) Scott Mason Photos
Woodford, VT, March 2, 2014
Turtle Bob Jackman teamed up with WTAC’s Mike Galoob and Whirlaway’s Steve Dowsett to win the relay portion of the National Championship on Sunday. The team was led off by Bob whom took the lead less than 1k into the race and held off the gaining Kevin Tilton (CMS) to give Mike a lead heading into the 2nd leg. Mike extended on this lead handing off to Steve to run the 3rd leg while Mike rallied to get ready to run the final leg. Steve handed off to Mike with a 35 second lead, Mike headed out conservatively in his last leg which saw his gap get on 2nd place get as small as only 15 seconds. Mike then pushed the last 1k to open up the lead and take the victory by 26 seconds with a total time of 46:42. The 2nd place team was the South Hill Distance Project, whom took the team title the day before in the Men’s National Championship, the Central Mass Striders rounded out the top three.

U.S. Snowshoe National Championship (80 Meter Uphill Sap Run) Scott Mason Photos
Woodford, VT, March 2, 2014
Bob Jackman – 19ish seconds…place unknown.

Uphill Dive
Bob Jackman finishing the Uphill Challenge…kinda

Shamrock & Roll 5k
NewHaven, CT, March 2, 2014
Warren couldn’t get enough racing, so he left VT on Sunday morning and headed to New Haven, CT to party…I mean race at the Shamrock & Roll 5k…he took it leisurely running a 24:35 for 309th place.

Some upcoming races…
3/16 – New Bedford 1/2 Marathon
3/22 – Brrr-lingame 5 & 10 Mile Trail Race
4/5 – Big River 1/2 Marathon and 10k Trail Race
5/11 – The Quahog Mile