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3/31/12 to 4/16/12 Results


Bob Jackman and Dave Principe @ Gansett

Run the Reservoir 15k and 5k
North Scituate, RI, March 31, 2012
1st – Dave Schaad – 19:23

Jamestown Bridge 10K Road Race
North Kingstown, RI, April 7, 2012
8th – Robert Corsi – 39:18.09
578th – Pali Frazier – 1:06:05.71

Great Bay Half Marathon / 5K
Newmarket, NH, April 7, 2012
88th – LAWRENCE WALKER – 1:33:47.4
East Bridgewater High School Parents Viking Sports 5k
E Bridgewater, MA, April 7, 2012
2nd – 18:34 – Dave Schaad

Bunny Hop 5K
Warwick, RI, April 14, 2012
10th – DAVE SCHAAD – 18:56.0 – 6:05/M

Merrimack River 10 mile Trail Race – 21st annual
Andover, MA April 14, 2012
11th – Justin Costa – 1:06:10
80th – Joseph Reddy – 1:26:55

2012 Gansett Marathon
Narragansett, RI, April 14, 2012
3rd – David Principe – 2:42:11

Nutrition Fuels Fitness 5k (RIDA 5k)
Warwick, RI, April 15, 2012
3rd – ALAN BERNIER         16:45 – 5:24
5th – MARTIN TIGHE               17:16 – 5:34
11th – Dave Schaad          19:09 – 6:10
17th – Daniel Sevigny             20:26 – 6:35
28th – George Ross                21:51 – 7:02

Boston Marathon
Boston, MA, April 16, 2012
2711th -Pat Meacham – 3:27:27
3616th – Issy Nielson – 3:34:13
4059th – Karen Benway – 3:37:06
6501st – “Don Henderson” – 3:50:29

Karen Benway and Issy Nielson @ Boston

3/17 to 3/25/2012 Tuesday Night Turtles Race Results

Dave Principe @ the NB 1/2

1st Mick Morgan’s St Pat’s Day 5k
Walpole, MA, March 17, 2012
6th – 20:17 – 6:33 – Dave Schaad

Shamrock Shuffle 5K
North Kingstown, RI, March 17, 2012
? –  JOHN BRENNAN – 19:53.3 – 6:24/M

New Bedford Half Marathon
New Bedford, MA, March 18, 2012
36th – ALAN BERNIER      1:12:24
73rd – MARTIN TIGHE       1:15:22
104th – DAVID PRINCIPE   1:17:45

Quincy 1/2 Marathon & 5K Road Race
Quincy, MA, March 18, 2012
85th – Lawrence Walker     1:30:39.0

Nayatt 5K
Barrington, RI, March 24, 2012
11th – DAVE SCHAAD – 18:55 – 6:05/M

17th Annual Eastern States 20 Miler
Salisbury, MA, March 25, 2012
46th – 2:22:25 – 7:07 – Lawrence Walker
73rd – 2:31:09 – 7:33 – Patrick Quinn

Quonset 10 Mile
North Kingstown, RI, March 25, 2012
9th – JOHN BRENNAN – 1:06:17 – 6:38

Quonset 5k
North Kingstown, RI, March 25, 2012
2nd – Dave Schaad – 19:31 – 6:17
6th – GEORGE ROSS – 21:17 – 6:52

New Jersey Ultra Festival 50 Miler
Augusta, NJ, March 24, 2012
3rd – Issy Nielson- 7:48:29 (1st Woman)

Photo by Scott Mason

Results 3/3/12 to 3/11/12

Irish 5K
Pawtucket, RI, March 3, 2012

Monsignor Clark Beat the Chill Climb the Hill
Wakefield, RI, March 3, 2012

2ND Dave Schaad 19:25

Black Cat 20 Miler
Salem, MA, March 4, 2012

50th CHEPACHET WALKER 2:26:17.3

Somerset Recreation’s Shamrock Shuffle
Somerset, MA, March 11, 2012

3rd Dave Schaad  18:25

St Pats 5K, 2nd of the Tour de Patrick Series
Providence, RI, March 10, 2012

36TH  ROBERT CORSI  18:10.0
96TH  PATRICK QUINN  20:24.4

Guinness Celtic 5K, 3rd of the Tour de Patrick Series
Worcester, MA, March 11, 2012

53rd PATRICK QUINN 20:18

Spring Forward 1-Hour Trail Race & Relay
South Kingstown, RI, March 11, 2012

15th John Brennan – 7 miles in 55:47
16th Issy Nielson – 7 miles in 56:24

Hyannis 1/2 Marathon Race Report by Vicky Jasparro

Vicky Jasparro
Vicky Jasparro

On Sunday February 26, Issy Neilson, Vicky Jasparro and John Brennan braved the Cape wind gods to race the Hyannis Half Marathon. As a note for future years, it is worth getting to this race early. Traffic backs up heading into town, parking can be quite a hike from the race start and packet pickup is complete chaos.  However, if you can survive all that, the race itself is great. The course is a scenic coastal loop, mostly flat with some parts gently rolling, providing the potential for fast times.

This year the wind created some challenges – blowing in the 20mph range with gusts much higher. However the Turtles took it in their stride (it wasn’t only a headwind!) and pulled off some decent times. JB ran a solid 1.28.24 which gave him 2nd in 50-59 AG. Vicky ran a PR of 1.25.30, good enough for 4th female and 1st in the 30-39 AG. And after duking it out with Joan Benoit, Issy passed her in the final stretches to achieve a PR of 1.31.18!

Post race, Vicky, Issy and her friend Sara headed to the Hyannis British Brewing Company (BBC) for the all important job of beer drinking. Being Turtles, they made it there well ahead of the crowds and secured a prime spot up at the bar. The BBC has a wide selection of beers on tap so no one was disappointed. The menu is also large and includes several British favorites (Cornish pasties, shepherd’s pie, fish and chips…). Needless to say the hardest part of the day was recognizing it was time to leave and return to real life back in RI…

2012 – Super 5k Results

8th Annual Super 5k
February 5, 2012 – Narragansett, RI

A beautiful February day down in Narrangansett marked the 8th Annual Super 5k organized by the Narragansett Running Association.  The Tuesday Night Turtles had enough males in attendance to field a team and pick up 2nd place behind the Westerly Track Club and our lone Turtle female picked up 2nd overall in that category.  There were 365 finishers this year up from 326 in 2011.

Full Results

10th – Martin Tighe – 17:35 (1st 50-59)
12th – Chris Jasparro – 17:53 (2nd 40-49)
23rd – Dave Schaad – 18:51 (2nd 50-59)
33rd – Scott Mason – 19:41
34th – Issy Nielson – 19:45 (2nd Woman)
77th – Pieter Snoeren – 21:45
102nd – George Ross – 22:44

New Year’s Weekend Recap

This past weekend marked the end of 2011 and the begining of 2012.  We had Turtles toe the line on both sides of the New Year.

On December 31st Alan Bernier jumped on the indoor track at the 3rd Mini-Meet at Boston University.  Alan raced in the 3000 meters and finished with a time of 8:55.

On New Year’s Day multiple Turtles headed over to the Hangover Classic 5 Miler in Bristol, RI.  It was an unusually nice day in Bristol this year, which meant nice clear roads to run on.  In the end the Turtles took 10 out of the top 25 spots and won 4 age group awards and the 2nd overall women’s award.

After the race some of these runners and their adoring fans headed over to the Bristol Town Beach to “Take the Plunge”.  It was a nice way to bring in the New Year.

A little further north on New Year’s Day, Martin Tighe was testing out his speed at the Millennium Mile in Londonderry, NH.  Martin finished in a time of 4:47.

Photo by Scott Mason

2011 Newport Christmas 10K Run


Alan Bernier taking the win.

12/11/11 – Christmas Run Newport, RI  Full Results

It was a chilly start at the 28th Annual Christmas Run this year, but with sunny skies and minimal wind, it made for perfect conditions throughout the course, especially on Ocean Drive.  The only obstacle on course was the large ice patch that covered the entire width of the road about a quarter mile into the race.

This year’s race attracted 460 runners in the 10k, up from the 380 at the 2010 event and 442 in the 2009 event.

Turtle’s have a long history at the Christmas Run, winning 8 out of the last 11 Men’s Team Titles from 2000 – 2010.  This race does not have any cash prizes, usually runner’s choose from a random mix of items that are layed upon the floor in the Rogers High School cafetaria, but the team prizes have traditionally been cases of beer, hence the Turtle’s actually organizing themselves to enter a team and win!

Taking in the views...

This year we were just as successful, winning the Men’s Team Title for the 9th time in 12 years, we also added the Women’s Team Title to that this year.  In the individual race, Alan Bernier ran away with the win in 32:32, far ahead of teammate Bob Jackman who finished second in 35:02.  Other finishers were:

12th – Dave Schaad – 38:00
16th – Bob Corsi – 38:20
21st – Ken Kirejczyk – 38:43
30th – John Brennan – 39:40
37th – Jake Schieffelin – 40:31
39th – Jackie Jackman – 40:39
48th – Issy Nielson – 41:28
55th – Joe Reddy – 41:59
136th – Stephanie Hevenor – 47:24

After the race some of the runners and our loyal spectators, Scott Mason, Tony Wild, and Chris Jasparro, headed over to Yesterday’s for some lunch and a beer.  It was a good day!

Back Row: Jackie, Issy, Chris, Tony, Alan. Front Row Bob J, Bob C.

Photos by Scott Mason


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  • Rhode Island 6-Hour Ultra
  • Jackie Jackman Coming Out Of Her Shell
  • The NRA vs TNT Showdown At Quonset: The 5K In The Dark
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Turtles Triumph at the JFK 50 miler and set course record

The Turtle foursome who ran the JFK 50 miler today all performed exceptionally well with Bob Jackman placing 23rd overall and 8th in division

23 Robert Jackman 29 8/74 M WARWICK RI 21:22 2:23:35 5:45:48 6:55:08 8:19

The all female team of Karen Benway (4th female overall) , Jackie Jackman (7th female overall) and Issy Nielson (20th female overall) won not only the team award but SMASHED the course record by  2:23:19. The old record was 25:11:16 and the Tuesday Night Turtle team raised the bar to  22:47:57.

29 Karen Benway 39 2/86 F WARWICK RI 22:15 2:28:48 6:00:49 7:07:35 8:34
39 Jacquelyn Jackman 33 4/86 F WARWICK RI 22:17 2:37:46 6:10:11 7:19:53 8:48
122 Issy Nielson 29 5/33 F WARWICK RI 23:00 2:48:19 6:55:58 8:20:29 10:01

CONGRATULATIONS to each and everyone one of these Ultra Turtles


Four Turtles will toe-the-line at the 2011 JFK 50 miler

At 7am on Saturday November 19th 4 Turtles…

* All female ‘Tuesday Night Turtle Team’ of Karen Benway, Jackie Jackman and Issy Nielson

* Bob Jackman

will start the THE 49thANNUAL JOHN F. KENNEDY 50 MILE ULTRA in Washington County, Maryland

Have a great race!

If you would like to learn more, please visit the race web site  http://www.jfk50mile.org/