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Fat Belly Turtles

The Belly to Belly Charity Run was on May 31st and celebrated its 5th year . The race has changed shapes many time over the last 5 years and this year was no different, as it changed locations for the first time to the new Fat Belly’s at the North Kingstown Golf Course. This is by far the best location to hold this event and I believe it will only grow in future years.

The basis of this race is…DRINK…RUN…EAT…RUN…DRINK over the 2.5 mile course and TNT has dominated the race in previous years. This year however, some actual runners showed up to make it interesting. The main part of this Hot Dog Eating, Beer Drinking Race is the team competition. It is scored “cross country style” and the teams are made up of 2 members. TNT had four teams this year and they were pretty evenly matched up. In hind sight, seeing some faster runners there, we should have put our strongest two runners together to go for the “W”. But, we had some fun out there anyway!


TNT Individual Results
3rd – Dan Hawkins – 15:18
4th – Bob Jackman – 15:47
6th – Patrick Quinn – 17:51
7th – Bob Corsi – 17:56
10th – Andrew Goodale – 18:47
11th – Justin Allen – 19:01
26th – Pieter Snoeren – 20:28
24th – Mark Howard – 21:06

TNT Teams scored Cross Country Style
13 points – Dan/Andrew
18 points – Bob C/Justin
26 points – Pat/Pieter
28 points – Bob J/Mark

TNT Teams scored by Total Time
34:05 – Dan/Andrew
36:53 – Bob J/Mark
36:57 – Bob C/Justin
38:57 – Pat/Pieter

Some thoughts on the race from Andrew Goodale
This was my first “food and drink” race, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had a blast, and my body held up better than expected! My main goal was to not throw up; winning the team race was also pretty high on the list… Things that I learned:
1. I can drink beer pretty fast when I put my mind to it.
2. Tripping over your shoelaces does not impact hot dog eating.
3. Patrick Quinn has mastered hot-dog eating.
4. If someone invites you to play a game involving electric shocks, don’t play left-handed (unless you are left-handed).

Enjoy some photos taken by Amy Corsi!
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