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October and Some November!

Over a dozen Turtles ran their shells off in October and what has happened already in November! A big shout out to DJ “The Perfect Hair” Principe for winning the Class A and State Championship titles! One of only four Sophomores in RI history to win the State Championship!

Resolution Beach & Trail 5k (4th Season Series Race)

Coming up on the calendar is the ever popular “Almost 10k”, Run for Hope 10k, Newport 10k….whatever it is called, in Newport on 12/14. The week after that the South Country 4th Season Trail Race Series gets under way in Wakefield, RI at Old Mountain Field. This series is a BIG TEAM EVENT! So be there….rumor has it RD Mike Galoob has worked something out with Whaler’s Brewing Company for after the race.

Check out the results!

Great American Cross Country Festival JV 5k
Cary, NC  October 4, 2014
47th – Liam McKenzie – 20:26

Great American Cross Country Festival New Balance ROC 5k
Cary, NC  October 4, 2014
7th – DJ Principe- 15:30

New Hampshire Marathon
Bristol, NH, October 4, 2014
16th 3:25:15 7:50 Lindsay Amherst (3rd Female)

Cambridge 5k – Oktoberfest
Cambridge, MA, October 5, 2014
89th 21:46 21:30 6:55 Thor Kirleis

Rome Boulevard 5 Miler
Attleboro, MA, October 5, 2014
2nd Martin Tighe 29:12.0 5:50/M
83rd Marisol Ficaro 48:47.0 9:45/M

NipMuck Trail Marathon
Ashford, CT, October 5, 2014
20th Patrick Quinn-4:31:57

NU Hartford Half Marathon
Hartford, CT, October 11, 2014
48th 1:21:04 6:12 5031 Martin Tighe

Manhattan XC Invitational Freshman 1.5 Mile
New York, October 10, 2014
50th – Liam McKenzie – 7:21

10k By the Bay
Warwick, RI, October 18, 2014
1st 18:33 5:59 Robert Corsi
4th 20:54 6:45 David Blessington

5k By the Bay
Warwick, RI, October 18, 2014
4th 39:18 6:20 Ken Kirejczyk

Brain Injury Association of RI 5K
Warwick, RI, October 19, 2014
3rd Dave Schaad 20:29.21

Blimblers Bluff 50K Trail Race
Guilford, CT, October 19, 2014
18th – Patrick Quinn 5:41:26

Fall River Half Marathon
Fall River, MA, October 19, 2014
4th LINDSAY AMHERST 1:28:40 6:47 (1st Female)

Ashworth Awards Baystate Marathon
Lowell, MA, October 19, 2014
133rd STEVEN MCDANIEL 3:10:26.9
488th ISSY NIELSON 3:37:04.7

Freshman State XC Championship 4k
Warwick, RI  October 21, 2014
81st – Liam McKenzie – 16:02

RI Class A XC Championship
N. Scituate, RI  October 25, 2014
1st – DJ Principe- 15:50

Mayor’s Cup XC 5k
Franklin Park, Boston, MA, October 26, 2014
20th 17:52 5:44 Robert Jackman
22nd 17:58 5:46 David Principe Sr
35th 18:31 5:57 Martin Tighe
89th 20:44 6:39 Chris Jasparro

Charlestown Police FOP 5K
Charlestown, RI, October 26, 2014
5th John Brennan 19:02
13th Issy Nielson 21:13 (3rd Female)

Stephen Marra 5k
East Greenwich, RI, November 2, 2014
7th 226 Dave Schaad 19:59.3 6:26

NYC Marathon
New York, NY, November 2, 2014
42742 – Terry Porter – 5:28:43

RI State XC Championship
N. Scituate, RI  November 2, 2014
1st – DJ Principe- 15:37

Gansett Half Marathon
Narragansett, RI, November 2, 2014
21st Jacquelyn Jackman 1:31:35.84
155th Stephanie Hevenor 1:52:00.86

Colt State Park Half Marathon & 5K
Bristol, RI, November 9, 2014
23rd Steven McDaniel 1:29:21.0 6:50

Performance 5K
East Providence, RI, November 9, 2014
8th JOHN BRENNAN 19:28.9 6:16/M
17th DAVE SCHAAD 20:21.1 6:33/M
29th TARSHA CICERONE 21:39.6 6:58/M

RI 6 Hour Ultramarathon
Warwick, RI, November 9, 2014
46th – JAKE SCHIEFFELIN – 27.0121 miles – 5:13:08
Thisis the 6th year in a row that Jake finished at least 10 laps of the RI 6 Hour, he is one of only two people to do so! Not bad for a guy that got hit by a car not too long ago…CONGRATS JAKE!

2014 Park View Veterans Day 5k Run
Cranston, RI, November 11, 2014
17th 20:14 6:32 Dan Sevigny
35th 22:17 7:11 Rachel Flaksman
60th 24:06 7:46 Bob Hamilton

St. Kevins 5K Turkey Trot
Warwick, RI, November 15, 2014
1st Corsi, Robert 18:25.78
2nd Highcove, Brad 19:23.93
3rd Schaad, Dave 20:09.90

Li’l Rhody Runaround 8-Mi Trail Run
Charlestown, RI, November 16, 2014
8th Robert Jackman 47:51.0 5:59/M
22nd Lindsay Amherst 54:53.0 6:52/M (1st Female)
28th Patrick Quinn 55:27.0 6:56/M
59th David Blessington 1:00:33.0 7:34/M
81th Scott Mason 1:04:01.0 8:00/M
118th Justin Allen 1:08:27.0 8:33/M
169th George Ross 1:14:19.0 9:17/M

August 2014 + Some Lost and Found Results

The first half+ of August has been pretty busy in Turtle racing land, at least 16 Turtles toed the line. I am sure there are some missing though. Here’s hoping that this cooler weather continues and fast times will follow!

Here are some long overdue results to be posted for Don Henderson whom now resides in Kansas. Don competed in back to back weekend 1/2 Ironmans in June. His running is a little off of what it used to be after getting hip resurfacing surgery (right hip metal implant) in Sept 2012, he had to take a year off from running/impact activities…but he has obviously been putting in some work on the bike! Great job Don!

Lawrence, KS  Half Ironman – 6/8/14
Swim (1.2 Mile) – 34:54 – (1:48/100M)
Transition 1 – 4:06
Bike (56 Miles) – 2:51:11 (19.51 MPH)
Transition 2 – 2:26
Run (13.1 Miles) – 2:11:24 (10:01/mile)
Total Time – 5:45:01
Overall Place – 516/1204
M 55-59 Place – 9/36

Boulder, CO  Half Ironman – 6/15/14
Swim (1.2 Mile) – 36:19 – (1:52/100M)
Transition 1 – 4:04
Bike (56 Miles) – 2:33:55 (21.83 MPH)
Transition 2 – 2:04
Run (13.1 Miles) – 2:00:20 (9:11/mile)
Total Time – 5:16:42
Overall Place – 305/1544
M 55-59 Place – 10/56

Craft Brew Race – Providence
Providence, RI, July 20, 2014
93rd – Jennifer Grogan McDermott – 20:41


Runaways Runaround 5k Road Race & Walk
North Attleboro, MA, August 3, 2014
2nd 19:20 6:14 Brad Highcove


Run 4 Kerri
Wakefield, RI, August 3, 2014
11th 13 David Principe Jr 21:12.37 5:19
22nd 440 Robert Jackman 22:55.60 5:44
26th 12 David Principe Sr 23:31.33 5:53
37th 245 Ken Kirejczyk 24:43.54 6:11
46th 231 Jackie Jackman 25:59.96 6:30
47th 374 Jake Schieffelin 26:08.30 6:33
48th 373 Dave Schaad 26:19.36 6:35
51st 315 Issy Nielson 26:39.09 6:40
95th 571 George Ross 29:11.26 7:18
129th 454 Scott Mason 30:57.30 7:45
200th 159 Rachel Flaksman 34:10.90 8:33

Bobby Doyle Race 2014

Bobby Doyle 5 Mile Summer Classic  Check out some Bobby Doyle 5 Miler Photos!
Narragansett, RI, August 10, 2014
39th David Principe Sr 30:06.0
46th David Principe Jr. 30:44.0
69th Ken Kirejczyk 31:44.0
85th Steven McDaniel 32:52.0
94th Brad Highcove 33:19.0
152nd Liam McKenzie 36:52.0
234th Rachel Flaksman 42:04.0


Memorial 5k
Johnston, RI, August 10, 2014
7th – Lindsay Amherst – 19:40 (2nd Female)


Level Renner 10K Check out some Level Renner 10k Photos!
Brockton, MA, August 17, 2014
12th ALAN BERNIER 35:15 5:40
25th ROBERT JACKMAN 37:55 6:06

Moose On The Loose 10 Mile Trail Race & Relay
Nashua, NH, August 17, 2014
6th – Issy Nielson 1:10:37 7:04 (1st Place Female)

Louisville Bar Association Ramble 5K
Louisville, KY, August 17, 2014
10th – Rachel Flaksman – 23:40 (3rd Place Female)

Narragansett Bay 1/2 Marathon
East Providence, RI, August 17, 2014
20th – Steve McDaniel – 1:29:17.6 (6:49)
29th – Jake Schieffelin – 1:32:13.4 (7:02)
Did anyone else run this race?

Common Fence Pint 5 Miler
Portsmouth, RI, August 17, 2014
3rd – Lindsay Amherst – 33:15 (6:39) 1st Place Female

Summer Racing….

It is technically not summer yet, but the past two weekends certainly felt like it! Here are some TNT results…

Foxboro Against Diabetes 5k Road Race & Walk
Foxboro, MA, May 31, 2014
24th Dave Schaad 19:48.0 6:23/M
27th Steven McDaniel 20:02.0 6:28/M

Northmen/Navigant 5k Road Race
N Smithfield, RI, May 31, 2014
16th Issy Nielson 20:58.0 6:46/M (2nd Female)

Girls on the Run! 5k
Providence, RI, June 1, 2014
2nd Daniel Hawkins 18:02.4 5:49

Corrib Pub 5k
West Roxbury, MA, June 1, 2014
69th – Jackie Jackman 20:38.0 6:39 (5th Female)


Cambridge 5K Freedom Run
Cambridge, MA, June 1, 2014
9th Thor Kirleis 18:19.85 5:55


6th Annual Parmenter 5K Run for All Ages
Franklin, MA, June 1, 2014
1st Brad Highcove 18:40.06 6:02

Reviver Challenge Obstacle 2.5 Mile
Cumberland, RI, June 7, 2014
1st – Bob Corsi – 22:13
2nd – Justin Allen – 23:31

TARC 100 Miler
Westwood, MA, June 7-8, 2014
Thor Kirleis gave it his best at the TARC 100 Miler this weekend. He unfortunately had to drop at 77 miles, but with the hot weather and extremely difficult course, the finish rate for this year’s race was around 15%!

Thor Kirleis at the TARC 100 Miler.











Castle Awards Half Marathonish
Seekonk, MA, June 8, 2014
4th – Lindsay Amherst – 1:28:27.10 (1st Female)

Will Speck Memorial 5k
Cranston, RI, June 8, 2014
12th 19:31 6:18 Ken Kirejczyk
17th 19:55 6:25 Patrick Quinn
21st 20:23 6:35 Dave Schaad
52nd 24:02 7:45 Dan Sevigny


Bob Corsi carrying stuff…









Justin Allen…racing hard?










IRONMAN 70.3 Eagleman
Cambridge, MD, June 8, 2014
George Ross
Swin – 48:08
Bike – 2:57:59 (18.88 MPH)
Run- 2:21:52
Total – 6:10:2

George Ross…Half an IRONMAN!

Some Turtle Wins to Start Off April

TNT started the month of April off with a bang!  Dave Schaad and Bob Corsi picked up some wins on 4/5/14 and Mike Clark picked up the W on 4/6/14, he was followed by Dave Schaad, getting 2nd the day after his win in Cranston!  Of course there were a lot of other great results as well from 5k to 50 Miles…and Patrick Quinn took 5th or 6th place in the Iggy’s Doughboy Run/Eat Fest!  Check out some of Scott Mason’s Photos from the Big River Trail Races and the Doyle’s Emerald Necklace 5 Miler!

Woodridge Elementary School 5k
Cranston, RI, April 5, 2014
1st 20:14 6:32 Dave Schaad

Big River Half Marathon Trail Race
West Greenwich, RI, April 5, 2014
2nd – Robert Jackman – 1:27:50 (6:42)
33rd – John Peabody – 2:14:53 (10:18)

Big River 10k Trail Race
West Greenwich, RI, April 5, 2014
1st – Robert Corsi – 41:58 (6:46)

Dr T’s Kids 5K
Warwick, RI, April 6, 2014
1st 19:47 6:23 Michael Clark
2nd 20:01 6:27 Dave Schaad

WCC Half Marathon, Relay, and 7K
Whitinsville, MA, April 6, 2014
4th BRAD HIGHCOVE 1:32:06.0 7:02/M
25th LAWRENCE WALKER 1:44:12.2 7:57/M

3rd Annual Bunny Hop 5k & 1k Fun Run
East Greenwich, RI, April 12, 2014
14th DAVE SCHAAD 19:52.1 6:23/M

Bull Run Run 50 Miler
Clifton, VA, April 12, 2014
127th – John Peabody – 10:41:50

Doyles Emerald Necklace 5 Miler
Jamaica Plain, MA, April 13, 2014
11th – Robert Jackman – 27:51 (5:34)
38th – Warren Angell – 30:48 (6:09)
39th – Thor Kirleis – 30:49 (6:09)
122nd – Jacquelyn Jackman – 34:26 (6:53)

11th Annual Nutrition Fuels Fitness 5k
Warwick, RI, April 13, 2014
3rd 17:23 (5:36)   Daniel Hawkins
13th 20:15 (6:32)   Dave Schaad

Upcoming Races…
4/21/14 – Boston Marathon
5/3/14 – Cox Providence Rhode Races
5/11/14 – The Quahog Mile
5/24/14 to 5/25/14 – Pineland Farm Trail Festival

Is Winter Over Yet?

Check out some of the latest results!  I am sure everyone is looking forward to the time change this weekend, I know I am!!

Kingman Farm Moonlight Snowshoe 4.5 Miler
Madbury, NH, February 15, 2014
5th Robert Jackman 36:19 (8:05)
19th Patrick Quinn 45:25 (10:06)
58th George Ross 55:39 (12:22)

3 Turtles
Patrick Quinn, George Ross and Bob Jackman @ Kingman Farm

Check out some cool night shots from Scott Mason

Rhode Island High School Indoor Track State Meet
Providence, RI, February 15, 2014
3rd David Principe JR 3000 meters 8:51.18
8th David Principe JR 1500 meters 4:12.85
10th David Principe JR 1000 meters 2:46.18

Old Fashioned Ten Miler…actually 5 Milerish
Foxboro, MA, February 16, 2014
38th STEVEN MCDANIEL 36:21.4 7:16/M
40th BRAD HIGHCOVE 36:31.3 7:18/M

The Old Fashioned 10 Miler was again struck with bad timing of a snow storm. Last year the race was cancelled at the last minute because of the police having safety concerned with the road conditions. This year, the race was again threatened with a big storm the day before. They seemed to have everything in place after last years issues, a “snow date” for the following weekend, many updates before the race once it was evident there would be a storm. But when all was said in done, the race ended up a 5 miler. I have run the OFTM many times and it is a great race, it must have been a tough decision and I definitely feel for the race organization, as I am sure there were a bunch of unhappy runners.

40th Annual Jones Group 10 Miler
Amherst, MA, February 23, 2014
114th    MARTIN TIGHE       1:01:06.4     6:07/M

Exeter Snowshoe Hullabaloo 4 MilerScott Mason Photos
Exeter, NH, February 22, 2014
27th  41:09 Issy Nielson

Hyannis Marathon
Hyannis, MA, February 23, 2014
27th  3:08:33  7:12 Thor Kirleis
38th  3:15:38  7:28 Issy Nielson

Hyannis Half Marathon
Hyannis, MA, February 23, 2014
799th  1:49:22  8:21 Rachel Flaksman

Its not all serious business at nationals!

U.S. Snowshoe National Championship 10k (Men’s Race) Scott Mason Photos
Woodford, VT, March 1, 2014
27th – 48:58 (7:53) Robert Jackman
82nd – 57:35 (9:16) Warren Angell

U.S. Snowshoe National Championship 10k (Women’s Race) Scott Mason Photos
Woodford, VT, March 1, 2014
26th – 1:01:36 (7:53) Issy Nielson

Issy at Nats
Issy Nielson at SS Nationals

U.S. Snowshoe National Championship (Relay 4 x 2.5+k) Scott Mason Photos
Woodford, VT, March 2, 2014
Turtle Bob Jackman teamed up with WTAC’s Mike Galoob and Whirlaway’s Steve Dowsett to win the relay portion of the National Championship on Sunday. The team was led off by Bob whom took the lead less than 1k into the race and held off the gaining Kevin Tilton (CMS) to give Mike a lead heading into the 2nd leg. Mike extended on this lead handing off to Steve to run the 3rd leg while Mike rallied to get ready to run the final leg. Steve handed off to Mike with a 35 second lead, Mike headed out conservatively in his last leg which saw his gap get on 2nd place get as small as only 15 seconds. Mike then pushed the last 1k to open up the lead and take the victory by 26 seconds with a total time of 46:42. The 2nd place team was the South Hill Distance Project, whom took the team title the day before in the Men’s National Championship, the Central Mass Striders rounded out the top three.

U.S. Snowshoe National Championship (80 Meter Uphill Sap Run) Scott Mason Photos
Woodford, VT, March 2, 2014
Bob Jackman – 19ish seconds…place unknown.

Uphill Dive
Bob Jackman finishing the Uphill Challenge…kinda

Shamrock & Roll 5k
NewHaven, CT, March 2, 2014
Warren couldn’t get enough racing, so he left VT on Sunday morning and headed to New Haven, CT to party…I mean race at the Shamrock & Roll 5k…he took it leisurely running a 24:35 for 309th place.

Some upcoming races…
3/16 – New Bedford 1/2 Marathon
3/22 – Brrr-lingame 5 & 10 Mile Trail Race
4/5 – Big River 1/2 Marathon and 10k Trail Race
5/11 – The Quahog Mile

June…Turtles racing strong.

Northmen Challenge 5k
North Smithfield, RI, June 1, 2013
2nd DAVE SCHAAD  20:05  6:28

Provincetown 10K
Provincetown, MA, June 2, 2013
4th – LAWRENCE WALKER    41:47  6:44

Iron Horse Half Marathon, 10K, 5K
Simsbury, CT, June 2, 2013
192nd – Rachel Flaksman    1:54:32  8:45

3rd Annual Reviver Challenge
Cumberland, RI, June 8, 2013
4th??  Robert Corsi – 18:26.80

Martin Tighe @ Gaspee Days (Scott Mason Photo)















48th Gaspee Days 5K
Cranston / Warwick, RI, June 8, 2013
4th   DAVID PRINCIPE JR    16:26.6  5:19
10th   DAVID PRINCIPE SR    17:25.5  5:38
14th   MARTIN TIGHE         17:57.1  5:48
29th   DAVE SCHAAD          19:19.5  6:15
30th   KEN KIREJCZYK        19:21.4  6:15
39th   PATRICK QUINN        19:48.8  6:24
63rd   ISSY NIELSON         20:30.3  6:37
106th   PIETER SNOEREN       21:31.8  6:57
468th   JUSTIN COSTA         27:19.2  8:49
519th   DUDLEY HARKINS       27:51.3  9:00
832nd   KEVIN MAGUIRE        31:53.9 10:18

Level Renner Story

Katie DeCubellis Memorial Foundation 5K Road Race & Walk
Narragansett, RI, June 9, 2013
66th   23:24  7:33 GEORGE Ross
199th   31:56 10:18 Kevin Maguire

Hollis Fast 5K (Downhill)
Hollis, NH, June 13, 2013
104th MARTIN TIGHE   16:26.2  5:19

53rd Northeast Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race
Pinkham Notch, Gorham, NH, June 15, 2013
285th Scott Mason     1:41:21 13:21
693rd Mark Mitsmenn   2:00:20 15:50

Joe Viger’s Mount Washington Shots

TARC 100/50 Miler – Thor’s Level Renner Story
Weston, MA, June 14 and beyond…
Hillary Peabody (NAT) fought through the grueling mud to outpace her father John Peabody 28 hours 34 mins to 29 hour 17 mins.
Thor Kirlies was pulled from the course at 95.5….yes that’s what I said 95.5 miles.
Lawrence Walker signed up for the 50 miler…and even started it. He was a smart man and called it quits.
This was a first year race out on by the Trail Animals Running Club…it had great potential and went off well…however mother nature did not cooperate dumping lots of rain leading up to the race leaving the course a muddy mess with knee, even hip deep mud and water. Congrats to those who went out there and gave it a go!

Start of the Will Speck 5k











10th Annual Will Speck Memorial 5k Race
Cranston, RI, June 16, 2013
1st   DAVID PRINCIPE JR     16:52  5:26
5th   DAVID PRINCIPE SR     17:57  5:47
7th   ROBERT CORSI          18:18  5:54
12th  DAVE SCHAAD           19:10  6:11
17th  KEN KIREJCZYK         19:28  6:16
25th  PATRICK QUINN         20:23  6:34

Mark Howard working hard at the Will Speck finish line



Early May Results

Here are some early May results.  We have kept up the trend of many Turtle out and about racing, with 14 already this month.  Also, there were some Turtles in results that haven’t been in a while.   Ken Kirejczyk and Karen Benway both raced a 1/2 marathon this month.  Karen is getting ready to race at VCM and Ken is getting his feet wet again in the racing circuit.  Also a good luck to Patrick Quinn whom is running the Sugarloaf Marathon this Sunday.

Also just a quick note about DJ Principe.  He has been racing and winning in his last Middle School Track season.  His results don’t show here because the result finder only looks at Coolrunning.  His bigger meets are coming up, so lets wish him luck.

Now for some self promotion.  The Run with the Beavers Trail Race entry fee increases after 5/18/13.  Sign up before the end of the day on Saturday and save some cash.  Online Entry.

One last shout out for some support.  Our friends at the Bucket Brewery are looking to expand their brewery.  Help them raise some money HERE.

Since I have no race photos for this post, here is an old Vermont City Marathon photo.  This is post race at American Flatbread. (Photo by Scott Mason)















Now for some results!

Rocky Point 5K
Warwick, RI, May 4, 2013
2nd ROBERT CORSI 18:08.6 5:51
3rd DAVE SCHAAD 19:28.3 6:17
5th TONY WILD 19:51.8 6:24
9th ANDREW GOODALE 20:06.4 6:29
12th ISSY NIELSON 20:36.5 6:38
19th DANIEL SEVIGNY 21:31.4 6:56

Sleepy Hollow Mountain Race
Huntington, VT, May 5, 2013
1:02:50 – Scott Mason

4th Annual Kiai 5k Road Race
Wakefield, RI, May 5, 2013
3rd ISSY NIELSON 20:49 6:43

Brown Play School Run to Mama 5k
Rumford, RI, May 5, 2013
1st Alan Bernier 17:05

Quincy Half Marathon Revised
Quincy, MA, May 5, 2013
35th – Gina Newton – 1:30:20.0 6:54/M

Backshore 5 Mile Road Race
Gloucester, MA, May 10, 2013
11th Martin Tighe 29:02 5:49
263rd Marisol Ficaro 45:21 9:06

John Brown Francis PTA 2.6ish Mile Race
Warwick, RI, May 11, 2013

Big Lake Half Marathon
Alton, NH, May 11, 2013
20th KAREN BENWAY – 1:30:59.2 6:57

Cox Providence Rhode Races – Marathon
Providence, RI, May 12, 2013
360th John Peabody 3:50:41 8:48

Cox Providence Rhode Races – 1/2 Marathon
Providence, RI, May 12, 2013
41st Ken Kirejczyk – 1:29:22

Melrose Run for Women 3.5 Mile Race
Melrose, MA, May 12, 2013
5th – Gina Newton – 21:46 6:14

March Update

March was a relatively busy month for Turtle racing.  We had some signs of spring and other days where we thought spring would NEVER come!

Black Cat 20 Miler
Salem, MA, March 2, 2013
181st THOR KIRLEIS 3:06:53.3 9:21/M (Thor actually added 6.2 miles mid-race to make this a marathon, he is stupid…I mean AWESOME!)

Claddagh Pub 4 Miler
Lawrence, MA, March 3, 2013
11th   PATRICK QUINN   25:51.8  6:28

Caumsett 50k USATF National Championship
Lloyd Harbor, NY, March 4, 2013
12th Overall, 4th Woman, Jacquelyn Jackman 3:48:55
17th Overall, 6th Woman, Issy Nielson 4:01:21

Oceans Run Half Marathon & 5K
South Kingstown, RI, March 10, 2013
1st Bronson Venable 16:17.94 5:15

New Bedford Half Marathon
New Bedford, MA, March 17, 2013
82nd ROBERT JACKMAN 1:15:03 5:44
110th DAVID PRINCIPE 1:17:35 5:56
394th PATRICK QUINN 1:29:40 6:51
450th JACQUELYN JACKMAN 1:31:02 6:57
1554th MARK HOWARD 1:56:21 8:53

Check out Scott Mason’s New Bedford Photos!

2013 Shamrock Shuffle 5K Race
North Kingstown, RI, March 17, 2013
2nd Bronson Venable 15:39.79

Antelope Island Buffalo 100 Miler
Syracuse, UT, March 22, 2013
37th – John Peabody – 27hrs 25 mins 48 secs

Run the Reservoir 15k
Scituate, RI, March 23, 2013
12th Joseph Reddy 1:06:33 7:09

Beat the Chill, Climb the Hill 5K
South Kingstown, RI, March 23, 2013
16th George Ross 23:44.0 7:39/M

Stadium Fitness Old Irish Pub 5k
Wrentham, MA, March 30, 2013
5th 19:16 6:13 Dave Schaad

Scott Mason climbing at Big River

The Big River Half Marathon and 10k Trail Race was the finale of the South County 4th Season Trail Race Series.  This race was supposed to happen earlier in the month, but with a ton of snow still on the ground, RD Mike Galoob made the call to put the race off until the end of the month and hope all of the snow was gone….his gamble paid off and we were treated to a beautiful spring day.  With the dry conditions we were able to enjoy the amazing trails that Big River has to offer and it made for a fitting finale to a great series in which Turtles had a great showing at every race starting in December.  We came away from the series with many awards, including the Overall Male and Female Titles.  1st Place 14-18 Male, 1st place 30-39 Male and Female, 1st Place 40-49 Male and 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 7th 50-59 Male.  Most importantly, we took home the Overall Team Title!!  The fun part of this series was competing against the same people month after month over varying courses and having a friendly rivalry against the WTAC team.  I hope that next year we can get more teams involved, which will make for some team tactics and more fun out on the trails!

Big River Results 1/2 Marathon10k
Past Race Results – Old Mountain 5k Trail Race – Resolution 5k Beach & Trail Race
Belleville Pond 10k – Brr-lingame Snowy Sufferfest

Overall Series Results

Not a race result, but related to the South County 4th Season Trail Race Series…we have formed a good relationship with the WTAC folks.  On March 3rd, the weekend the Big River Trail Race was supposed to happen, David Principe and myself met-up with some of the WTAC guys and ran a long run from sea-level to the highest point in Rhode Island, Jerimoth Hill.  Check out some stories and pics HERE!

Lastly, some self promotion…with the South County 4th Season Trail Series over…you may need another trail race to train for!  The Run with the Beaver Trail Race is 7/13/13!

Hyannis 1/2 Marathon Race Report by Vicky Jasparro

Vicky Jasparro
Vicky Jasparro

On Sunday February 26, Issy Neilson, Vicky Jasparro and John Brennan braved the Cape wind gods to race the Hyannis Half Marathon. As a note for future years, it is worth getting to this race early. Traffic backs up heading into town, parking can be quite a hike from the race start and packet pickup is complete chaos.  However, if you can survive all that, the race itself is great. The course is a scenic coastal loop, mostly flat with some parts gently rolling, providing the potential for fast times.

This year the wind created some challenges – blowing in the 20mph range with gusts much higher. However the Turtles took it in their stride (it wasn’t only a headwind!) and pulled off some decent times. JB ran a solid 1.28.24 which gave him 2nd in 50-59 AG. Vicky ran a PR of 1.25.30, good enough for 4th female and 1st in the 30-39 AG. And after duking it out with Joan Benoit, Issy passed her in the final stretches to achieve a PR of 1.31.18!

Post race, Vicky, Issy and her friend Sara headed to the Hyannis British Brewing Company (BBC) for the all important job of beer drinking. Being Turtles, they made it there well ahead of the crowds and secured a prime spot up at the bar. The BBC has a wide selection of beers on tap so no one was disappointed. The menu is also large and includes several British favorites (Cornish pasties, shepherd’s pie, fish and chips…). Needless to say the hardest part of the day was recognizing it was time to leave and return to real life back in RI…