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Hard Shell Race # 4 & Some Other Results

The 4th Race in the TNT Hard Shell Series has come and gone. We had great weather for racing and even better weather for hanging out and having a few beers. With 4 races now completed in the series, we are starting to have some battles within the standings as more and more people have been toeing the line. We have had well over a third of the total membership get out there and race! Not too bad considering the weather we had to work with for the first 3 month of the year.

Check out the standings below!

TNT Doyles

19th Annual Doyle’s Emerald Necklace Road Race
Jamaica Plains, MA, April 12, 2015
11th Robert Jackman 28:09.0 5:38/M
18th David Principe 28:44.0 5:45/M
72nd Steven McDaniel 32:43.0 6:33/M
79th Andrew Goodale 33:15.0 6:39/M
82nd Jacquelyn Jackman 33:19.0 6:40/M
83rd Jake Schieffelin 33:32.0 6:42/M
93rd Dave Schaad 33:53.0 6:47/M

April HS

Over HS 4

Next up on the schedule….I decided to really switch things up. It is a shot in the dark to get members out to this one, but it looks like an interesting test. The May race in the series will be Conquer the Hill in Smithfield, RI on May 16th at 9am. Check out the race INFORMATION!

Harvard Pilgrim Middletown Half Marathon
Middletown, CT, April 12, 2015
153rd – Rachel Flaksman – 1:48:39

Rachel had this to say about the race…
The Harvard Pilgrim Middletown Half Marathon, Middletown, CT can best be described as somewhat like Nooseneck on a relatively warm and sunny day but without the hill that you cannot take a vehicle up, and with a nice downhill finish. I signed up for the Half on a whim, not fully realizing that there were plenty more uphill climbs beside the start and around 7 miles (elevation map anyone?). While I don’t remember much of the hills in specific detail, I can say that they were relentless for about the first 8 miles and then again somewhere between 9 and 9.5 miles. The first hill was about a .3 mile climb, a little steeper than Warwick Neck Avenue. From there, the next several hills were (or so it seemed) between .25 -.4 miles in length, with a few that were shorter and steeper. The “big hill” was an opportunity for me to try powering up instead of running and it paid off as I was later on able to pick off several persons who ran past me on the hill. Towards the end there was a section of dirt/gravel which was a nice change.

On the logistics side, the race started on time and the police and volunteer support to assist with traffic was very good. There is a little Garmin drift, but there were plenty of clocks on the course.

This Half was the most challenging half-marathon I have run. I was not as prepared as I should have been and time management went out the window around mile 7. If anyone plans on this event in the future, I recommend hitting the Nooseneck course at least once before this race. It is definitely a course for hill lovers!

Woodridge Wizards 5k Road Race &1k Fun Run
Cranston, MA, April 4, 2015
2nd 20:47 6:42 Dave Schaad

Bunny Hop 5K/1K
Warwick, RI, April 11, 2015
16th DAVE SCHAAD 20:35.9 6:37/M
27th AIDAN MEACHAM 22:39.3 7:17/M
31st PATRICK MEACHAM 22:51.7 7:21/M

Bunny Hop 5K/1K
Warwick, RI, April 11, 2015
16th DAVE SCHAAD 20:35.9 6:37/M
27th AIDAN MEACHAM 22:39.3 7:17/M
31st PATRICK MEACHAM 22:51.7 7:21/M

Quonset Point Half Marathon (Long Course, RD put finish in the wrong spot)
Kingstown, RI, April 12, 2015
4th Lindsay Amherst 1:26:46.5 6:38 (1st Place Woman)

Hard Shell Race #4 Preview – Doyle’s Emerald Necklace

The 4th race in the 2015 Hard Shell Race Series is the Doyle’s Emerald Necklace 5 Miler on 4/12/15. This is one of my favorite races of the year. I am pretty sure this will be my 5th year in a row running there…and I will continue to go back year after year!


The race is part of the NE Runner Pub Series every year, it has a pretty competitive field and an amazing after party. You will have beer in your hand within seconds of finishing! The whole block is shut-down and the parking lot behind Doyle’s Cafe is after party headquarters! TNT is planning on having a tent back there this year. Make sure you arrive EARLY (over an hour before race time) to ensure a good parking spot across the street from Doyle’s. You can bring your bag right over to the back lot, where we should have a base camp set-up. Most importantly, plan on hanging out a while after the race and bring your drinking shoes.


Course Preview:
The course at Doyle’s can be pretty fast. It is basically an out and back, although you come back a slightly different way (on a path next to the road you went out on) The first half of the course is slightly up…so that means you are slightly down on the way back. Beware of the mile markers, as they tend to be a bit off, especially the 3 and 4 mile markers if I remember correctly. The starting line is about 1/2 mile away from the bar, so make sure you plan accordingly to get out there in time for the start.

Bob’s Course Tips: Start out conservative and look for a negative split! Last year, my fastest mile was my last mile. Also, don’t plan on running a cool down, this race is all about the party afterwards!

Sign up TODAY!

See you there!

Introducing the 2015 TNT Hard Shell Race Series

2015 Tuesday Night Turtle Hard Shell Race Series

The Tuesday Night Turtles will be bringing back a club race series for the 2015 calendar year. The series will consist of (12) races, one each month. The runner’s top (6) races will count towards their overall score. We will have awards based on age-groups and will distribute awards at the Christmas Party at the end of 2015!

Age-Groups: Male and Female age groups could change depending on the amount of runners in each age group. 39 & under, 40-49, 50-59. 60+

Scoring: The top (5) Turtles in each age group will score in each race.

•   1st Place: 6 pts <—– The WINNER gets an extra point for being AWESOME!
•   2nd Place: 4 pts
•   3rd Place : 3 pts
•   4th Place: 2 pts
•   5th Place: 1 pt

Each runner’s top 6 races will count in their cumulative score for the series.

Awards: Male and Female Awards will go at least 2 deep in each age group. If there are more than 8 runners in an age group, the awards will go 3 deep.

Races: The races in the series have been chosen by looking back at race results over the years to see which races Turtles are the most active in and also having races of many distances and terrains. Between that and polling the people of Rhode Island, I chose the races I wanted! If the 2015 Series works out, the 2016 races will be voted on at the Christmas Party after the awards are distributed. The 2015 Race Schedule is mostly complete, some race dates still need to be confirmed to complete the full schedule.

January: Resolution 5k Beach & Trail Race – Narragansett, RI – 1/11/15
February: Super 5k – Narragansett, RI – 2/1/15
March: Run the Reservoir 15k – North Scituate, RI – 3/28/15
April: Doyle’s Emerald Necklace 5 Miler – Jamaica Plain, MA
May: TBD
June: Gaspee Days 5k – Cranston, RI – 6/13/15
July: TBD
August: Run 4 Kerri 4 Miler – South Kingstown, RI – 8/2/15
September: TBD
October: TBD
November: Lil’ Rhody Runaround 8 Mile Trail Race – Charlestown, RI
December: TBD

June…Turtles racing strong.

Northmen Challenge 5k
North Smithfield, RI, June 1, 2013
2nd DAVE SCHAAD  20:05  6:28

Provincetown 10K
Provincetown, MA, June 2, 2013
4th – LAWRENCE WALKER    41:47  6:44

Iron Horse Half Marathon, 10K, 5K
Simsbury, CT, June 2, 2013
192nd – Rachel Flaksman    1:54:32  8:45

3rd Annual Reviver Challenge
Cumberland, RI, June 8, 2013
4th??  Robert Corsi – 18:26.80

Martin Tighe @ Gaspee Days (Scott Mason Photo)















48th Gaspee Days 5K
Cranston / Warwick, RI, June 8, 2013
4th   DAVID PRINCIPE JR    16:26.6  5:19
10th   DAVID PRINCIPE SR    17:25.5  5:38
14th   MARTIN TIGHE         17:57.1  5:48
29th   DAVE SCHAAD          19:19.5  6:15
30th   KEN KIREJCZYK        19:21.4  6:15
39th   PATRICK QUINN        19:48.8  6:24
63rd   ISSY NIELSON         20:30.3  6:37
106th   PIETER SNOEREN       21:31.8  6:57
468th   JUSTIN COSTA         27:19.2  8:49
519th   DUDLEY HARKINS       27:51.3  9:00
832nd   KEVIN MAGUIRE        31:53.9 10:18

Level Renner Story

Katie DeCubellis Memorial Foundation 5K Road Race & Walk
Narragansett, RI, June 9, 2013
66th   23:24  7:33 GEORGE Ross
199th   31:56 10:18 Kevin Maguire

Hollis Fast 5K (Downhill)
Hollis, NH, June 13, 2013
104th MARTIN TIGHE   16:26.2  5:19

53rd Northeast Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race
Pinkham Notch, Gorham, NH, June 15, 2013
285th Scott Mason     1:41:21 13:21
693rd Mark Mitsmenn   2:00:20 15:50

Joe Viger’s Mount Washington Shots

TARC 100/50 Miler – Thor’s Level Renner Story
Weston, MA, June 14 and beyond…
Hillary Peabody (NAT) fought through the grueling mud to outpace her father John Peabody 28 hours 34 mins to 29 hour 17 mins.
Thor Kirlies was pulled from the course at 95.5….yes that’s what I said 95.5 miles.
Lawrence Walker signed up for the 50 miler…and even started it. He was a smart man and called it quits.
This was a first year race out on by the Trail Animals Running Club…it had great potential and went off well…however mother nature did not cooperate dumping lots of rain leading up to the race leaving the course a muddy mess with knee, even hip deep mud and water. Congrats to those who went out there and gave it a go!

Start of the Will Speck 5k











10th Annual Will Speck Memorial 5k Race
Cranston, RI, June 16, 2013
1st   DAVID PRINCIPE JR     16:52  5:26
5th   DAVID PRINCIPE SR     17:57  5:47
7th   ROBERT CORSI          18:18  5:54
12th  DAVE SCHAAD           19:10  6:11
17th  KEN KIREJCZYK         19:28  6:16
25th  PATRICK QUINN         20:23  6:34

Mark Howard working hard at the Will Speck finish line



3/31/12 to 4/16/12 Results


Bob Jackman and Dave Principe @ Gansett

Run the Reservoir 15k and 5k
North Scituate, RI, March 31, 2012
1st – Dave Schaad – 19:23

Jamestown Bridge 10K Road Race
North Kingstown, RI, April 7, 2012
8th – Robert Corsi – 39:18.09
578th – Pali Frazier – 1:06:05.71

Great Bay Half Marathon / 5K
Newmarket, NH, April 7, 2012
88th – LAWRENCE WALKER – 1:33:47.4
East Bridgewater High School Parents Viking Sports 5k
E Bridgewater, MA, April 7, 2012
2nd – 18:34 – Dave Schaad

Bunny Hop 5K
Warwick, RI, April 14, 2012
10th – DAVE SCHAAD – 18:56.0 – 6:05/M

Merrimack River 10 mile Trail Race – 21st annual
Andover, MA April 14, 2012
11th – Justin Costa – 1:06:10
80th – Joseph Reddy – 1:26:55

2012 Gansett Marathon
Narragansett, RI, April 14, 2012
3rd – David Principe – 2:42:11

Nutrition Fuels Fitness 5k (RIDA 5k)
Warwick, RI, April 15, 2012
3rd – ALAN BERNIER         16:45 – 5:24
5th – MARTIN TIGHE               17:16 – 5:34
11th – Dave Schaad          19:09 – 6:10
17th – Daniel Sevigny             20:26 – 6:35
28th – George Ross                21:51 – 7:02

Boston Marathon
Boston, MA, April 16, 2012
2711th -Pat Meacham – 3:27:27
3616th – Issy Nielson – 3:34:13
4059th – Karen Benway – 3:37:06
6501st – “Don Henderson” – 3:50:29

Karen Benway and Issy Nielson @ Boston

At last…the Granite State Snowshoe Series will kick-off this weekend

After the very mild winter with a dearth of snow it has been snowing in the Granite State over the past few days and this weekend’s race – The Whitaker Woods Snowshoe Scramble in North Conway –  is a go. I expect that a lot of Turtles have been staring at their racing snowshoes while praying to the snow Gods over the past few weeks but now they will cease praying and start preparing.

For race details visit

Tuesday Night Turtle President, David Principe, leads the GSSS championship race for a wee while.

Photo by Scott Mason

Game on!

New Year’s Weekend Recap

This past weekend marked the end of 2011 and the begining of 2012.  We had Turtles toe the line on both sides of the New Year.

On December 31st Alan Bernier jumped on the indoor track at the 3rd Mini-Meet at Boston University.  Alan raced in the 3000 meters and finished with a time of 8:55.

On New Year’s Day multiple Turtles headed over to the Hangover Classic 5 Miler in Bristol, RI.  It was an unusually nice day in Bristol this year, which meant nice clear roads to run on.  In the end the Turtles took 10 out of the top 25 spots and won 4 age group awards and the 2nd overall women’s award.

After the race some of these runners and their adoring fans headed over to the Bristol Town Beach to “Take the Plunge”.  It was a nice way to bring in the New Year.

A little further north on New Year’s Day, Martin Tighe was testing out his speed at the Millennium Mile in Londonderry, NH.  Martin finished in a time of 4:47.

Photo by Scott Mason

Rhode Island 6 Hour Ultramarathon & Relay

The 2011 RI 6 Hour –  USATF-NE championship race – would be the 3rd annual race, and again we lucked out with fantastic weather.  November can be a crap-shoot but for the RI 6 Hour it has been nothing but pleasant.

Going into this year’s event we had our largest numbers yet with over 80 ultra runners and 25 teams signed up.  Unfortunately with injuries, family obligations, and just straight up no-shows there were only 59 ultra runners on the line, but all of the relay teams made the trip!

We were lucky enough to have back 2009 Champion Ben Nephew and 2010 Relay Champions acidotic RACING, and of course the 2009 Relay Champions the Tuesday Night Turtles!

On the men’s side the race played out how I had expected.  Ben Nephew wanted to run around 6:45 pace and stayed close to that (6:49s) through just under 4 hours.  He had a bit of a slow down over the last 2 hours but still managed to get in 50 miles in 5:56:59.  John Brown finished as 2nd male with 43.22 miles and Justin Kousky finished 3rd with 40.52 miles.  Our lone Turtle in the race was Jake Schieffelin, who has now completed all three RI 6 Hour races, this year he finished with 36.47 miles.

On the women’s side with the drop-out of the 2009 Champion Daniele Cherniak
the day before the race I did not know who would be battling for the top spot.  However it became pretty clear from the start that Michelle Gosselin was on a mission running mid 7 min pace  throughout the first half of the race.  In the end she finished 2nd overall in a new course record of 45.92 miles.  The 2nd place woman, Maddy Hribar, was not far behind equaling the distance of the previous course record which was held by TNT’s own Karen Benway with 43.22 miles.  3rd place female and 5th overall was Tina Dowling with 40.52 miles.

In the relay, pre-race favorites acidotic RACING stated they wanted to break the 60 mile mark and seemed ready to do so with the opening loop run in 5:10 pace by Judson Cake.  In the end they came up just short running 59.42 miles but still taking the victory by 2 laps over the Tuesday Night Turtles ‘A’ Team.  The Fuel Belt Elite Team finished in 3rd equalling the distance of TNT with 54.02 miles, but taking 12 mins longer to do it.  The Turtles had one more team in the race and they bettered their total from 2010 with 48.62 miles and a 6th place finish.

All in all the 2011 addition of the RI 6 Hour was a success.  I have had numerous emails from runners stating “I love the event” “It is my favorite ultra” and most of all “You have the best volunteers”.  So thank you volunteers, because without you nobody is happy!!

See you in 2012!

Full Results