Warwick, Rhode Island based Tuesday Night Turtles…


The Tuesday Night Turtles, a lively fun-loving club, was founded in 1989 out of informal Tuesday evening fun runs. From its humble beginnings (although few turtles are actually humble) of a dozen founding members, TNT has now grown to include dozens of runners at all different skill levels. Turtles are, individually and collectively, interested in running and associated activities which include casual socials after certain events. These socials often become events themselves. Many Turtles have 10 to 20 or more years experience in the sport and are capable of expounding for hours on end with tales, advice and training tips. Novice runners and newcomers to the sport are encouraged to take advantage of this wealth of experience by attending one or two regular training runs or by boldly walking up to a Turtle at a local road race. Turtles usually, but not always, wear the distinctive tank top with the grinning TNT-laden turtle logo (a tank top thought to have enchanted powers of performance). Perception has it that most Turtles, contrary to their name and logo, are fast runners who compete at the upper echelon of the sport. While you’ll not hear any Turtles deny this myth, our members run and compete at all levels, speed is neither expected nor required. Membership is open to anyone who wants to join.The founding spirit of the club is based on the notion that running is fun and talking about running is even more fun. Certainly, Turtles have other interests, but when they are running or talking about running, all those other interests pale in comparison. There is ample opportunity, any time Turtles gather, to learn a great deal about running that is useful and beneficial. There is also a more than passing chance that other nuggets of useful and not so useful Turtle information will be bandied about.

Turtles have an amazing capacity, either young or old, schooled or unschooled, to wisely pass out information and judgments with spirited authority which is well beyond any position of rank or order. Most Turtles are seemingly imbued with a sense of wisdom rarely found in other running clubs.

The TUESDAY NIGHT TURTLES are always looking for new members. Currently we have about 70 members who train at various speeds and levels of competition. In fact, some members don’t run at all, and will just show up on a Tuesday or a Sunday for the social aspect. We have some top runners, recreational runners and all else in between. A common misconception is that we are a club of fast runners. The truth is we are of club of runners of all abilities, including those just starting out. You have found your way to our website, and have shown an interest. The next step would be to show up on any Tuesday or a Sunday at one of our group runs. The regulars will see that you are new to the group, and introduce themselves to you, and perhaps suggest a group that runs at your pace for you to run with. The running routes are all marked with mile splits along the way and the overall distance is accurate.  You can run as much or as little as you want. There is no pressure to join and you can run with us as often as you like. When and if the time comes that you know that TNT is a good fit for you, then you can join at any time. All you would need to do would be to provide us with your basic directory information (name, address, email, telephone, and birthday) for our membership list, and pay the membership fee of $10.  Turtle Gear can be purchased as it is available. That’s all there is to it. After that, yearly dues are $10 by the end of the calendar year. Then, as a member, you can continue to run with us as often as you like, and become more involved, if you choose to. Your email is added to our group list, so you can receive club emails about anything running related – there is usually no shortage of “turtle blather”. Turtle members enjoy discounts at local running shops, and access to exclusive content on our website. Throughout the year, we have several team parties and social events. Also, from time to time, we have other structured group runs and organized racing efforts. The degree to which you participate in the goings on of “turtledom” is entirely up to you, but the more people plug in, the more fun they have. And they usually find themselves improving as runners as well !!

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