Catching Up!

It has been quite a while since I have updated the site with results.  I am sure there are a ton missing, but see the below results from November and December

The 2015 Hard Shell Series Awards were given out at the Christmas Party, you can see the final results of that below as well.  The first race in the 2016 Series took place on 1/1/16 at the 1st Annual Buttonwoods 5k.  We had a decent showing, with 10 Turtles crossing the line.  The 2nd race in the series is in Foxboro, MA at the Old Fashioned 10 Miler.  This has been a Turtle favorite in years past!  I have updated the Race Series page on the website, but will add the remainder of the races once the schedule is set!

On top of the Hard Shell Series Races coming up, below I have included some races that some Turtles will be at in the near future!



TNT Christmas Party
East Greenwich, RI, December 18, 2015
All Turtles were victorious!

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RI 6 Hour Ultramarathon
Warwick, RI, November 8, 2015
7th – ISSY NIELSON  – 37.814 miles – 5:39:33 (3rd Woman)
24th – JAKE SCHIEFFELIN – 32.412 – 5:44:59
31st – JOHN PEABODY – 32.412 – 5:57:58

Westerly Land Trust Setting the Pace for Conservation 5K
Westerly, RI, November 8, 2015
13th    George Ross     21:40.0      6:59/M

Veterans Day 5k
Cranston, RI, November 11, 2015
11th   18:07 – Daniel Hawkins
14th   18:55 – Brad Highcove

Happy Holidays Half MerryThon
Gloucester, MA, December 6, 2015
1st Bronson Venable   1:11:26 – 5:28

32nd Annual Christmas 10k and 3.3 Mile Walk
Newport, RI, December 13, 2015
TNT Men were victorious in the Team Competition!
2nd   34:40    Robert Jackman
5th   35:48    David Principe
10th   38:19   Robert Corsi
16th   38:55   Daniel Hawkins
24th   40:14   Steven McDaniel
33rd   41:31   Dave Schaad
35th   41:43    Ken Kirejczyk
36th   41:52    John Brennan
83rd   46:04   David Blessington
118th   48:36     Stephanie Hevenor
135th   49:33     Rachel Flaksman


Boston U Mini-Meet
BU, Boston, MA, January 2, 2016
1 Mile – David  Principe   4:58.46
3000 Meters –  Bronson Venable  8:56.19


Some words on the mile from Dave…

BU Mini Meet Summary:
Last Saturday (Jan 2nd) I entered one of the BU Mini Meets. This is an Open Indoor Track Meet Series that has been held for several years over the winter break at BU. The BU Indoor Track has a reputation as being one of the fastest indoor banked tracks in the country, so I figured that since I was taking DJ up there to compete with some of the other LSA boys I might as well do an event since I would be there anyway. I was debating back and forth as to whether I should enter the 3000m or the Mile. Typically the longer the event the better for me, but I eventually settled on the Mile. I had only raced the Mile one other time since High School and that was 2 years ago. I wanted to see what I could do now at age 49, so I preregistered and gave myself a seed time of 4:59. I had no real evidence that I could pull of a sub 5 min mile, but I figured I would be close. We arrived at BU after a couple of the 3000’s had already been run and settled in. We had plenty of time to warm up with all the 3000’s and 400’s plus the mile had 21 heat total. I was seeded 10th in the 11th Heat and there were approx 13 runners in each heat. People I knew who were there were asking me what I thought I could do and if I thought I could really break 5 min. I was trying to set the bar low and just kept saying I thought I could run close to 5 min, but a sub 5 min mile might be difficult. However, I had every intention of trying to break 5 min. My plan was to go out on 5 min pace and run as close to even splits as possible regardless of what was going on around me. I figured if I could do that and then have a good last lap that would put me in a position to break 5 min. I started on the “Waterfall” starting line in the upper 3 lanes of the track and had to wait until I got around to the other side of the track to cut in to lane one. The race went out real fast and the people on the regular starting line looked like there were flying out in front of me!! I ignored the pack and locked into my pace and settled in toward the back of the pack. The first lap is approx 209 meters when you run the mile and my time was 38.80 over that stretch. 5 min pace is 37.5 seconds per 200m laps, so I was about a second under pace, which was just was I wanted. Now it was a matter of locking in and not falling off the pace. I was very fortunate to be in a competitive heat as well. I was never in “No Man’s Land” and always had someone right in front of me or right behind me. As the race progressed, I was gradually picking off runners on every straight away and moving up in the field. I really did not care about my place and I was just trying to hold that 37.5 seconds per lap pace. The banks are great, but the straightaway’s were so soft and bouncy! I really felt like that is what makes this track fast. Half way through the race I was surprised that my legs felt pretty good considering I never run at this pace, but the air in the field house is real dry. Much dryer than us road runners are used too. At the 1200m mark, I wanted to try and swallow to create some saliva to moisten my mouth, but I did not want to do anything to throw me off pace. I was exactly on pace to break 5 min with 400m (2 laps) to go, so I just dealt with it and kept running. I had a strong last 400m and finished in 4:58.46!! My splits were super consistent and I never had a real fast lap or real slow lap. Needless to say I was super excited to be able to break 5 min at age 49. Plus I have done next to zero speed work since I ran the Baystate Marathon in October. Either way, it was a lot of fun to run indoors with my personal fan club (Norm, Bob, Scott, some LSA parents, DJ, Camps, Matt & Jack) stationed at every corner yelling at me. It really helped! Plus this was actually the first time I had ever run on a banked track so it was nice to get that off the bucket list. All in all it could not have gone any better.

Now I am planning to run the 3000m and the Mile at the USATF Masters Championships on 1-31-16 at the PTCA. The track there is flat and a bit slower than BU, but it should be fun to run the 3000m first and then see what I can do in the mile right after. There is also an open 3000 and open 5000 at this meet if anyone is interested in trying out the indoor track at the PTCA in Providence.

Some Upcoming Turtle Races!

1/16/16 – Open Mile – East Coast Track & Field Invitational
1/31/16 – USATF New England and East Region Masters Championship
2/6/16 – Krispy Kreme Challenge
2/7/15 – Belleville Pond 10k