The Blessing Happened

This past Friday was the 7th race in the Hard Shell Series.  The 44th Annual Blessing of the Fleet saw some of the best weather nights in a long time.  Coolish temps, a breeze and some crazy thunderstorms that produced some rain half way through the race.

There were 11 Turtles in this years event, which has been around the average for each Hard Shell Series Race. There were mixed results, but everyone seemed happy enough to be finished at the end.

After the race some of us made our way to the Oak Hill Tavern for some beer and food.


Check out Scott Mason’s Photos!

Blessing of the Fleet
Narragansett, RI, July 24, 2015
42th    David Principe                       59:41      5:58/M
45th    Robert Jackman                     1:00:27      6:03/M
90th    Robert Corsi                       1:04:45     6:29/M
121st    Brad Highcove                     1:06:44      6:40/M
140th    Steven McDaniel                   1:07:51      6:47/M
166th    Ken Kirejczyk                     1:08:50      6:53/M
171st    Jacquelyn Jackman                 1:09:11      6:55/M
233rd    Patrick Meacham                   1:11:50    7:11/M
333rd    Dan Northup                       1:15:15      7:32/M
428th    Mark Zartarian                    1:17:30      7:45/M
1842nd    John Peabody                     1:42:23     10:14/M

Hard Shell Race and Series Standings.



Next up in the series is the Run 4 Kerri this coming Sunday!