Half way into the Hard Shell.

The June TNT Hard Shell Series Race has come and gone. That marked the 6th race in the series and the halfway point. That means there are still 6 races left in the series and people who have not run can still score high in the standings, since only the top 6 races for each person count.

We have currently had over 20 members run at least one race in the series, that is a high percentage of the active membership!

Just a reminder about the awards to give some people some motivation to get out there. We will be giving out the Top 3 OVERALL Male awards and also Top Male in each age group. There will be no double dipping, so make sure you get out there and rack up some point in the upcoming races. With so few females in the series…it looks like all of them may get some sort of award! We will cross that bridge when we get there. There will also be a award for every runner that runs at least 6 races!

Soo…Gaspee Days. The 6th race in the series is a Turtles favorite. We always have a decent turnout on what can be called our home course. I was hoping for more then the 10 Turtles that showed…but hey, what can you do! The day was pretty warm and no wind to speak of.

To me the field seemed pretty weak up front, so I thought a high finish was possible, but that only happens if you don’t run horrible! With that said, I was the same spot as last year, 7th, and that was with running 50 seconds slower. The rest of TNT folllowed one after another, none very pleased with their times…but that was all OK, ’cause after the race we were able to do a cool down, get some beer at the post race festivities…Dan Hawkins and myself picked up some age group wins and then some of us headed over to Andrew Goodale’s for some beer, burgers, lawn games…and a little drive in Pieter’s Porsche…not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon.


50th Gaspee Days 5K Foot Race
Warwick, RI, June 13, 2015
7th ROBERT JACKMAN 17:36.2 5:41
27th BRAD HIGHCOVE 18:46.0 6:04
44th ROBERT KLINGENSMITH 19:29.4 6:18
67th ANDREW GOODALE 20:11.7 6:31
84th STEVEN MCDANIEL 20:32.9 6:38
91st DAVE SCHAAD 20:52.2 6:44
102nd JACQUELYN JACKMAN 21:15.1 6:52
152nd PATRICK QUINN 22:15.7 7:11
200th PIETER SNOEREN 23:08.1 7:28
615th DAVID BLESSINGTON 28:28.9 9:12

Check out Scott Mason’s Photos!





The 7th race in the Hard Shell Series will be the one and only Blessing of the Fleet 10 Miler! Sign up today!!!

Here are some other results!

Before I get into all the results…I should mention one special results…if you don’t know already…DJ Principe broke the RI State Record for the 5000 Meters on the track running 14:42 in doing so, he also finished 5th place in the nation! Check it out HERE!

Foxboro Against Diabetes
Foxboro, MA, May 30, 2015
31st Dave Schaad 21:01.0 6:47/M

2015 New Balance Boston Twilight Meet #2
5000 meters
Waltham, MA, May 30, 2015
28th Robert Jackman 17:37.41

Northmen 5k
North Smithfield, RI, May 30, 2015
1st BRONSON VENABLE 16:51.0 5:26/M

Hollliston 5k for Children Hospital
Hollliston, MA, May 31, 2015
7th Brad Highcove 18:54.7

HOLLIS FAST 5K (Downhill)
Hollis, NH, June 11, 2015
21st BRONSON VENABLE 15:10.1 4:54
147th ROBERT CORSI 17:44.5 5:44
148th BRAD HIGHCOVE 17:44.7 5:44

Katie DeCubellis 5k Road Race
Narragansett, RI, June 7, 2015
3rd 18:38 6:01 Brad Highcove

PFC Kyle Coutu Memorial 5k Road Race
Pawtucket, RI, June 7, 2015
3rd 16:40 5:23 Bronson Venable

Will Speck Memorial 5k
Cranston, RI, June 21, 2015
15th Dave Schaad 2:361:01.0 6:38/M

Rocky Point 5K
Warwick, RI, June 27, 2015
4th BRONSON VENABLE 16:05.4 5:11
12th ROBERT CORSI 18:25.7 5:56
13th BRAD HIGHCOVE 18:29.3 5:58
19th DAVE SCHAAD 20:14.1 6:31

Sensata 5k
Attleboro, MA, June 28, 2015
5th 20:19 6:33 Issy Nielson (1st Woman)

Worcester Running Festival 1/2 Marathon
Worcester, MA, June 28, 2015
10th STEVEN MCDANIEL 1:29:12.0 6:48/M