Hard Shell Race #6 Preview – Gaspee Days 5k

The 6th race in the 2015 Hard Shell Race Series is the 50th Annual Gaspee Days 5k!  This race has been a popular Turtle race for many many many years!  We always have a good turn out and the race is usual pretty quick.

Turtles at Gaspee 2012

This year the race will have (5) kegs waiting for us at the finish line and no, not Budweiser, there will be Gansett and Revival!  But don’t fill up on beer right after the race, because this year we will walk on over to Andrew Goodale’s house for a post race party.  Bring some beer and some food to share, it should be a hell;l of an afternoon!

Course Preview:
The Gaspee Days race has produced some fast times in its history.  The Men’s Course record is 14:10, set by Martin Fagan back in 2007 and although Martin has since tested positive for EPO, he was probably clean back then.  The Women’s Course Record was set by Amy Rudolph back in 2003 when she ran a stellar 16:22.  Although that time is far off the 2-time Olympians 5000 meter track PR of 14:56, it is still movin’

The course starts flat and then goes slightly downhill over Pawtuxet bridge and then flattens out going past Pawtuxet Park heading to the 1 mile mark.  At 1 mile you go up the backside of the “big hill” which is followed quickly by going down the “big hill”.  After screaming down the hill the road will bend to the right and you will go gradually up hill before flattening back out and taking a left down General Hawkins Drive.  This loops around right back out onto the Parkway, against the rest of the 1400+ runners.  You will then follow the course backwards from where you came.  Slight down hill and then up the hill heading to 2.  When you reach the 2 mile mark you still have around 75 meters until you crest the hill and are greeted with a slight downhill, one which feels pretty nice at 2+ miles in a 5k, especially after going uphill!  From there you start smelling the barn.  Back over the bridge with 0.5 miles to go, you start going slightly uphill and can finally see the runners in front of you taking the left hand turn (right at 3 miles) down Rhodes Place and to the finish line.  One of the best parts about Gaspee is all the parade spectators out and about.  But WATCH OUT!  Some of them don’t look both ways before crossing the street!

Bob’s Course Tips: Don’t get out TOO FAST.  It is easy to get dragged along at Gaspee, the slightly downhill start and all the people make it easy to get out over your head and pay for it going up the hill at 2!

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Make sure you get to the race early and find a good parking spot!!