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Hard Shell #3 and some other stuff.

Hard Shell Race # 3 is in the books!  More Turtles were in North Scituate than I expected and it was nice to see.  Also in attendance was MORE SNOW!  It was pretty much snowing all morning in North Scituate, which was a welcome change from the rain that some of us saw when we headed out the door on race morning.

This year’s race course was changed twice prior to race day.  It was originally slated to be different than the previous 7 versions of the race, no longer going over the causeway on Route 14, from what I was told, it seems this will be a permanent change.  However, the course that they were going to use was also not used, there was a lot of remaining snow on the fire road heading out towards the reservoir, so a new course that consisted of all paved roads was to be used.

It seemed that many Turtles had different agendas for race day.  Some have been recovering from injury, some wanted to just get in a steady effort, some were racing the following day and some were just there to get some miles in.  No matter the reason, there were 10 Turtles on the line, which brings the total number of Turtles that have raced at least once in the Hard Shell Series to 19, or about a third of the current membership, that’s not too shabby.

As for the race….well things were going well until about 1/2 mile in.  The leaders, which included myself, Dave Principe and a chatty fellow, whom actually won the Run with the Beavers 5 Miler last year.  We were moving along nicely, about to make the first right hand turn, following the police vehicle, when a volunteer screamed at us to go straight, we were pretty sure this was incorrect and we asked the lady 3 times, but she insisted it was correct and evidently there were signs that also said the 15k was supposed to go straight.

So right away we were all screwed up, fortunately the cop came back around and got in front of us, eventually getting us back on course, although about 1k short of where we should have been.  The rest of the run was made up of some up hills and some down hills.  I gapped Dave a bit on an up hill around 5 miles, but he came flying back by me on a cranking downhill around 6.5 miles…I felt like I was being chased by the dinosaur in Jurassic Park 3, the one that ate the satellite phone, you could hear the phone before you saw the beast.  Well the phone in this case was Dave’s GPS watch and the beast was Dave.  He went flying by me like a mad man and gapped me pretty good.  After the downhill there was a slight up hill where I was able to catch back up and gap Dave again and then hold onto that lead until the end.  The course ended up being between 8.7 and 8.8 miles.  The results had a pace shown for a 10 miles, which was amusing…there were also some people missing from the results.  But in the end, every Turtle that toed the line, won a prize!  So you could say it was a successful day!

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Run The Reservoir 15K 8.8ish Miler
North Scituate, RI, March 28, 2015
5th ROBERT CORSI 55:42
12th DAVE SCHAAD 1:00:45
18th JACKIE JACKMAN 1:02:59
21st ANDREW GOODALE 1:08:20
25th JOHN PEABODY 1:09:00

2015 Series-Res

2015 Series-After 3

Next up on the Hard Shell Series calendar is the Doyle’s Emerald Necklace 5 Miler on April 12th.  This is a race not to be missed.  It is a fast 5 Miler through Franklin Park with the best after party around.  Check out some of Scott’s photos from prior year’s if you are on the fence.  Sign up HERE! Today!

Check out some other recent results.

Horse Hill Snowshoe Race
Merrimack, NH, February 7, 2015
23rd 48:51 Issy Nielson (2nd Female)

Belleville Pond 10k Trail Race
North Kingstown, RI, February 7, 2015
2nd Robert Jackman 44:20:00 (7:09)
13th Dennis Welch 51:55 (8:22)
19th Robert Corsi 54:18:00 (8:45)
26th Dan Northup 57:20 (9:15)
27th Patrick Quinn 57:28:00 (9:16)
46th John Peabody 1:06:56 (10:48)
49th Jackie Jackman 1:08:02 (10:58)
65th George Ross 1:16:43 (12:22)

Five College Realtors 10 Miler
Amherst, MA, February 22, 2015
20th BRONSON VENABLE 55:27.7 5:33/M
199TH STEVEN MCDANIEL 1:09:13.6 6:57/M

Kingman Farm Moonlight Snowshoe
Madbury, NH, February 28, 2015
25th 46:27 Issy Nielson

38th Annual New Bedford Half Marathon
New Bedford, MA, March 15, 2015
75th BRONSON VENABLE 1:15:38 5:47
152nd ROBERT JACKMAN 1:19:54 6:06
328th STEVEN MCDANIEL 1:28:14 6:44
414th JACKIE JACKMAN 1:32:14 7:03

Brrr-lingame 5 & 10 Mile Trail Races
Charlestown, RI, March 29, 2015
5th Robert Jackman 1:12:04
16th John Peabody 1:36:57

Eastern States 20 Miler
Maine to Mass, March 29, 2015
47th 2:21:39 7:05 Lindsay Amherst
279th 2:57:48 8:53 Rachel Flaksman

As usual, if I missed a result…send it to me!