Hard Shell # 2 Review & More

The 2nd race in the 2015 TNT Hard Shell Series was this past Sunday was once again down in Narragansett. Under beautiful blue skies, we had 15 Turtles toe the line, some of which did not race the first race in the series, so only in the second race we are seeing battles shape up.
Check out TNT results below and also the FULL RESULTS HERE!

Super 5k
Narragansett, RI, February 1, 2015
2nd 16:17 5:15 – David Principe Jr
7th 17:22 5:36 – Robert Jackman
8th 17:23 5:36 – David Principe
13th 18:04 5:50 – Martin Tighe
20th 18:30 5:58 – Robert Corsi
22nd 18:59 6:07 – Ken Kirejczyk
25th 19:24 6:15 – Brad Highcove
31st 19:52 6:25 – Steven McDaniel
32nd 20:08 6:30 – Patrick Quinn
34th 20:22 6:34 – Justin Allen
35th 20:23 6:35 – Dave Schaad
36th 20:26 6:35 – Daniel Sevigny
63rd 22:14 7:10 – George Ross
81st 23:33 7:36 – John Peabody
146th 28:42 9:15 – Jodi Hall

Dave Schaad & Justin Allen
Ken Kirejczyk

Here is the TNT chatter about the race.

Mike Clark has had his “issues” getting to races with a reasonable amount of time to spare. At the Resolution Beach & Trail 5k, he showed about around 8 mins before the race, 8 mins is now an ongoing joke with poor Mike. The next race Mike was signed up for was a mile indoor track race in Providence. We were called out onto the track and they were putting us in position when I see Mike walking out from the crowd onto the track, only to slightly delay the start to the race…but he made it. This past weekend at the Super 5k, Mikes “luck” ran out. The 12pm race start, caught up with him and he wasn’t able to get to the race. Here is what he shared with me when I asked for some “race thoughts”
I don’t have any thoughts on the course, but I did think that 30 bucks was too much for a 5k. My brain hurts when I try to comprehend it. I probably would have run anyway, but when I punched it into my GPS it literally said I would get there at 11:53, and you know my cutoff is 8 minutes before the race, so it seems my procrastination caught up to me.

Here are some thoughts from people that actually ran the race!

Dave Principe:

I do not run 5k’s too often and my last Road 5k was over a year and a half ago, so I was not expecting too much out of this race. I wanted to get in a hard effort and was hoping to be in the mid to low 17 min range if the weather cooperated and I felt good. The weather was surprisingly good and I ran in just my Turtle Singlet (naturally!!), shorts and a thin pair of gloves. It was warm enough that I ended up taking the gloves off half way through the race too. As we lined up on the starting line I figured I would try and run 5:30 pace for the first mile and see what happens. My training has been going well and we needed the points for the team too so it seemed like a good plan. The first mile along the sea wall was a little windy, but it is basically flat. I ran with the group I thought I belonged with and hit the first mile in 5:30 on the nose, so mission accomplished!! At that point in the race you had just started the uphill by the tower and are heading to the turnaround point. I thought I was moving pretty well and as I rounded the cones for the turnaround and could see who was behind me. I expected this mile to be a little slower than mile 1, as it was uphill, into the wind and also had the hair pin turn around. I went through the 2 mile in 5:52, which I was not happy about at all. I do not know if I just lost focus or what, but I really thought it should have been faster!! At that point there were a couple of Westerly Guy’s around me, so I had to forget about the time and worry about not getting beat by either of them to help with the team points. There was one WTAC guy right in front of me (Tommy) and one WTAC guy just behind me (Johnny), so it was going to be a battle for that last mile. I bore down and passed Tommy shortly after we rounded the corner back onto the main road. That was the last I saw of him. Then shortly after that Johnny quickly surged and passed me. Johnny has a quick turnover and his feet slap the ground so I could hear him and I knew he was coming. I let him get around me and then I immediately responded, retook my spot and gap him. I got maybe 5 yards in front of him, but I could still hear those feet slapping the ground behind me and I knew he was going to keep coming at me. However, my attention quickly turned toward the runners just in front of me. I could see young Sammy Toolin in front of me and also Bob Jackman just ahead of him. I tried to close the gap as much as I could for the next ¼ mile, but I was really just trying to hold off Johnny. Sammy passed Bob and kept his pace going to the finish and I could tell he was out of my reach, but as I drew closer to the Towers Bob was coming back to me. I caught up to him a little before we got to the Towers and we ran stride for stride for 200m or so. Bob and I have been training and racing together for about 13 years and I do not get too many chances to beat him, so as soon as I could see he was struggling I pushed the pace!! Hey what are friends for!! We were stride for stride at the 3 mile marker and my split for that mile was 5:29 so I rebounded from a slow 2nd mile but there was still .1 to go. We rounded the last corner and I got slightly in front of Bob, but there was still a lot of ground left. I probably went a little too soon, but it felt right at that time. As we got close to the finish line Bob surged and got in front of me and that was how we finished. I have not had to push that hard at the finish of a race in a long time, so that was pretty cool even though he beat me. I ended up running a 17:23 and was 8th overall, so it was right about where I thought I would be. I was first Master and beat some good WTAC guys, so all in all it was a good race. We just missed out on the Team Win, even with me bringing the heavy hitter (DJ for 2nd place overall as a tempo run), but it was still a good was to spend the afternoon. Great Turtle turnout was well!!

Patrick Quinn:
Weather wise, I don’t think conditions could have been better for a race near the ocean. The roads were clear of snow and air was relatively calm.
We had good participation and many turtles won awards which was cool. I thought my performance was OK. I said before the race low 20s which is how I did. I did feel a bit faster than what I ran but with over 18 miles for the day, I was happy. Looking forward to Run the Reservoir!

Jodi Super5k
Jodi Hall

Jodi Hall:
Beautiful day and views… Pros and cons of an out and back course; Pro – you get to see other turtles and runners you know and you know what to expect on the way back. Con – you see runners that you used to beat or at least keep up with in races and realize how much you have to up your training. Finishing the race I saw Scott with his camera and Capn’ Ken got me to pick up at the end which was a good and happy thing. After race at the Mews: Good food, good beer, good people.
Looking forward to the March race!

Steve McDaniel:
Having not raced in nearly 2 months, this race was a rust buster and a test of how my training has been going over the winter. It turned out to be a good day to race – not too cold and the wind pretty calm.
There were a lot of people talking at the starting line, so I didn’t hear a warning that the race was about to start. Suddenly, the horn goes off and I hadn’t reset my watch. I had to run the first mile by feel and by looking for familiar faces to guestimate my pace.
On this day, I handled the hill very well. Not too slow and too much lost time and not too fast where I’m gassed. After the turnaround point and just before the right hand turn, a car had pulled out onto the road in front of me and then was stopped at the intersection. I had to run around the car to make the turn. So much for running the tangents!
The downhill got the final mile off to a good start. The trip back down Ocean Road seemed to take forever, but I was able to hold on to my pace. I turned for the finish and was excited when I saw the clock. As I crossed the line, I muttered “Yeah, PR!” under my breath probably more loudly than I intended. A 4 second PR is a great way to start the year!

Check out the Hard Shell Standings! We have a bunch of time before race # 3, the Run the Reservoir 15k in North Scituate, RI. Time to get your miles in!

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2015 Series

While a bunch of Turtles were down in Narragansett, Issy Nielson took a ride north and strapped on some Dion 121s and ended up being the first Turtle to race on the snowshoes this year. Well, that went pretty well for her, as she was the first woman to cross the line at the Beaver Brook Showshoe Race in Hollis, NH! She also made the Level Renner Instagram Feed…

Beaver Brook Snowshoe Race (2.8ish miles)
Hollis, NH, February 1, 2015
16th 24:50 Issy Nielson (1st Woman)

Check out some other recent past results!

Eagle Brook Saloon 5K
Norfolk, MA, January 1, 2015
1st Brad Highcove 19:57.34

Hangover Classic 5 Miler
Bristol, RI, January 1, 2015
9th MICHAEL CLARK 31:37 6:20
11th KEN KIREJCZYK 31:54 6:23
12th LINDSAY AMHESRT 32:05 6:25 (1st Woman)
18th PATRICK QUINN 33:41 6:45
21st DAVE SCHAAD 33:57 6:48

4th Annual East Coast Championship Open Mile
Providence, RI, January 17, 2015
4th Robert Jackman 4:55.65
7th Michael Clark 5:12.58

20th Annual Boston Prep 16 Miler
Derry, NH, January 25, 2015
28th Lindsay Amherst 1:48:23 6:47
29th Warren Angell 1:48:33 6:48

Some upcoming races!
The 3rd race in the South County 4th Season Trail Race Series is this Saturday, 2/7/15, you can pre-register until Friday night and there is day of registration. We plan on having another big TNT presence, come out and test your skills running in the snow!

Saturday 2/14/15 Mark Howard and myself will be in Raleigh, NC taking a crack at the infamous Krispy Kreme Challenge…we have trained hard and are ready to test out our skills!

Other local races you may see Turtles at…
2/14/15 – Martha’s Vineyard 20 Miler
2/15/15 – Austin Marathon
2/22/15 – Hyannis 1/2 Marathon
2/22/15 – Five College Realtors 10 Miler
3/8/15 – Ocean’s Run 1/2 Marathon
3/15/15 – New Bedford 1/2 Marathon