Hard Shell Race # 2 Preview – Super 5k

February 1st is right around and that means the 2nd race in the 2015 Hard Shell Race Series is already here. We are sticking with the same distance and the same town as race # 1, but this time we hit the roads.

TNT Super 5k
TNT at the first Super 5k in 2005!

The Super 5k is one of the few races in February and always attracts a few Turtles every year and also has a team event that’s why it was chosen as race # 2.

Course Preview:
The Super 5k certainly wasn’t chosen for its awesome course. It is a boring out and back. There is about a half mile uphill on the way out, starting around 0.8 miles. You then flatten out and take the sharp turn around and start heading back towards your competition. Obviously you will get that downhill on the way back, however there is generally a headwind once the water is in view. With all that said, it can be a decently fast course if you catch a calm day.

Bob’s Course Tips: You don’t want any 5k tips from me, I suck at 5ks…I guess all I can say is work the down hill hard and don’t let your competitors run away from you, latch on and hold on tight! Also, remember there is a team competition (5 score for Men and 3 score for Women), even if you don’t think that you are a scoring member and don’t matter…you MIGHT. So…pass any runner you can at the end of the race…use that HARD SHELL, that’s what it is meant for!
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