Hardshell Race #1 in the Books

Sunday marked the first race in the 2015 TNT Hard Shell Race Series.  It was also the 2nd race in the South County 4th Season Trail Race Series.

We were lucky to have amazingly fast conditions for the race.  The sand was hard and the wind was light, we couldn’t ask for better.  What did this mean for the racers?  FAST TIMES.  All around runners were destroying their own personal course records.  We had a pretty good turn out for the first Hard Shell Race, with 15 Turtles toeing the line.


George Ross had this to say:

Running on the Scarborough Beach and up and around Black Point in January…am I mad? I said to myself. I am so glad that I did not listen to the dangerous neighborhood known as my mind.

Many will think that the reason I ran this race was:

1) To toughen myself up during the Triathlon off-season
2) Because it is the first race in the 2015 Turtle Race series
3) My Personal commitment to do all the 4th Season Race Series including the Big River 1/2 marathon Trail Race

It was none of the above, where else do you run through a derelict house in the middle of a race…that was freakin’ cool.

I knew going into this race, due to my of my training schedule, that it would not be a great race and I did not disappoint. My performance aside, I thought this was a fantastic race which thoroughly deserved the high turnout of 170 finishers


Patrick Quinn added…

A large bale of Turtles enjoyed near perfect conditions as you could expect from winter at this year’s Resolution 5K. This is the most unique trail race probably in the Northeast combining beach, trail, and road all in a 5K distance. How many trail races have an abandoned roofless house to slow you down. Its usually wet like a bathhouse but it was an icehouse this year. For me, it was my 3rd consecutive year and it was the coldest year yet but with minimal wind and firm sand, the course was fast even with the ice patches. Strange that it was the coldest temp but with little wind you could feel the warmth of the sun. No need to huddle in like penguins before the start like previous years. It was also noted that the out and back from start line back to start line seemed less rocky this year so racers got out even faster. I went with the lightest trail shoe I have ever raced in (Brooks Pure Grit) and it made for a good choice. This was my fastest year among other Turtles. I believe everyone was happy with their efforts this year. Almost as important as the race, is the post race food and beer. Mews Tavern had some delicious selections. This year’s Resolution 5K will be hard to top.

AND…from Jodi Hall

I ran the race because…
I needed reminding how much I love to race…and how much being a Turtle is totally awesome!

The cool things about this race for me were…
First trail race for me.
Running on the beach.
Hearing my son, Zac cheer me on. He has been doing so for at least 16 years so it was really cool to hear a “Go Mom” out on the beach.
Splashing in water
Scenic views…and I managed to stay upright on the trails (Jake’s pre-instructions to me)
The cool thing George said about running through the old house.
Warm up and cool down run to think pre-race and post race thoughts.
It was a beautiful day and it left a smile on my face all day.

I look forward to more racing this year I am using the hardshell races to motivate to get back to real training and improving my times…and to see everyone.

Say No to WTAC! Photo by Mike Crutchley

Here is how the Turtles made out.

Resolution 5k Beach & Trail Race
Narragansett , RI, January 11, 2015
3rd Robert Jackman 17:14 5:34
8th David Principe 18:14 5:53
14th Robert Corsi 19:11 6:11
16th Michael Clark 19:24 6:15
17th Lindsay Amherst 19:52 6:25
20th Patrick Quinn 20:14 6:32
26th David Blessington 20:41 6:40
30th Justin Allen 20:54 6:45
32nd Dave Schaad 21:08 6:49
39th Dan Sevigny 21:29 6:56
51st Jackie Jackman 21:58 7:05
64th Jonpaul Guinn 23:18 7:31
66th George Ross 23:27 7:34
73rd John Peabody 24:16 7:50
125th Jodi Hall 29:02 9:22

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And finally…here is how the scoring went for the Hardshell Series! Click images to view larger.
2015 Race 1

2015 Overall

Next up…Race # 2…Super 5k on 2/1/15 in Narragansett, RI