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Hard Shell Race #1 Preview – Resolution Beach & Trail 5k

On January 11th, the 2015 Hard Shell Race Series will get under way. The first race in the series is the Resolution Beach & Trail 5k, this is also the 2nd race in the South County 4th Season Trail Race Series.

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This race was chosen for two reasons; #1 there are minimal races in January…but more importantly, there has been lots of Turtle participation and interest the the 4th Season Trail Series, we had 14 Turtles toed the line at Old Mountain Field for the first race in the series on 12/21/14.

Course Preview:

Starting on Scarborough Beach, you run south on the beach for approximately 1/2 mile before banging a u-turn and heading back north…you go right past the starting line, which will be about 1 mile. You then continue on the beach for another 0.3 mile until taking a left through some softer sand and a quick right, now heading slightly up hill through a dirt/grass path which pops out onto Ocean Road at 1.5. You continue uphill on Ocean Road until 1.7 miles, where you take a right into the Black Point Trail parking lot. Once through the lot, you will be on some hard packed gravel trails, which are a bit twisty (a good place to lose your competition) Shortly after getting on the gravel trails you will have a short downhill that turns into more grass/dirt trails, which follow along the cliffs at Black Point. These dirt paths continue until around 2.6 miles, when you will have to navigate through the old stone building structure, which then pops you back out onto the beach for the last 1/2 mile struggle trough some more beach running.

Bob’s Course Tips:

Find hard sand. Heading towards the finish, after popping out onto the beach, stay low, near the water…do not start coming up to the finish until you need to. There is a lot of softer sand higher up on the beach. Conditions are everything on this course. In 2012 we had a dusting of snow, last year we had knee deep puddles. What will we see this year?

Sign up today! and see you on the 11th!