Introducing the 2015 TNT Hard Shell Race Series

2015 Tuesday Night Turtle Hard Shell Race Series

The Tuesday Night Turtles will be bringing back a club race series for the 2015 calendar year. The series will consist of (12) races, one each month. The runner’s top (6) races will count towards their overall score. We will have awards based on age-groups and will distribute awards at the Christmas Party at the end of 2015!

Age-Groups: Male and Female age groups could change depending on the amount of runners in each age group. 39 & under, 40-49, 50-59. 60+

Scoring: The top (5) Turtles in each age group will score in each race.

•   1st Place: 6 pts <—– The WINNER gets an extra point for being AWESOME!
•   2nd Place: 4 pts
•   3rd Place : 3 pts
•   4th Place: 2 pts
•   5th Place: 1 pt

Each runner’s top 6 races will count in their cumulative score for the series.

Awards: Male and Female Awards will go at least 2 deep in each age group. If there are more than 8 runners in an age group, the awards will go 3 deep.

Races: The races in the series have been chosen by looking back at race results over the years to see which races Turtles are the most active in and also having races of many distances and terrains. Between that and polling the people of Rhode Island, I chose the races I wanted! If the 2015 Series works out, the 2016 races will be voted on at the Christmas Party after the awards are distributed. The 2015 Race Schedule is mostly complete, some race dates still need to be confirmed to complete the full schedule.

January: Resolution 5k Beach & Trail Race – Narragansett, RI – 1/11/15
February: Super 5k – Narragansett, RI – 2/1/15
March: Run the Reservoir 15k – North Scituate, RI – 3/28/15
April: Doyle’s Emerald Necklace 5 Miler – Jamaica Plain, MA
May: TBD
June: Gaspee Days 5k – Cranston, RI – 6/13/15
July: TBD
August: Run 4 Kerri 4 Miler – South Kingstown, RI – 8/2/15
September: TBD
October: TBD
November: Lil’ Rhody Runaround 8 Mile Trail Race – Charlestown, RI
December: TBD