Catching Up – February

A lot of racing has happened since the last post…I will try to re-cap some of that here.  If you ran a race, or did anything else really cool…or stupid, let me know and I will update this post!

February 3rd – The Great Stew Chase 15k – Full Results

9th Martin Tighe – 57:31
33rd – Jay Newton – 1:04:27
56th – Gina Newton – 1:07:24

The 9th Annual Super 5k was also held on 2/3/13.  Dave Schaad ran 18:58.  Full Results

After the Super 5k we had a Blizzard, then Mike Galoob made us run the fourth race in the South County 4th Season Trail Race Series on 2/10/13.  This race was supposed to be a 10 mile Trail race, instead it was a 2-5+ mile race on the snow…well..IN the snow.  Some people ran in snow shoes, some in shoes, some in socks…yes socks and one crazy did the race on skis!  The “long” course was about 5 miles and it was hell.  Mike dubbed these races the Brrr-lingame Snowy Sufferfest.  I would agree with that name.  I did not have any fun…and suffered quite a bit.  I did however take home some Girl Scout cookies for my efforts.  The Turtles were represented by John Peabody, Jackie Jackman, Joe Reddy, Scott Mason, George Ross and Bob Jackman (me).  I believe we went to the Mews after this race…Full Results

February 16th…Turtles were back on the snow shoes, this time in the dark at the Kingman Farm Moonlight Snowshoe Race in Madbury , NH.  This is the most fun you can have on snow shoes!  The Turtles had another strong showing.  TNT women Jackie Jackman and Issy Nielson went 2-3 overall in the woman’s division and this was Issy’s first race on the shoes.

In the Men’s race I was fortunate enough to grab the silver medal behind the unstoppable Jim Johnson.  It was nice to get second at Kingman farm, as I have had some bad luck here before…in 2009 I was running in 2nd place with Double J at about 2 miles into the race and was taken out by a dog!  This knocked me down and undid my snow shoe…I ended up 5th after having to get myself together and get my equipment back in order!

Dave Principe finished in 5th (2nd Master) beating DJ Principe for the first time in a long time!  DJ was 6th, 17 seconds back.

Chris Jasparro was 17th, Scott Mason 22nd, John Peabody 32nd and Mark Howard was 49th.  This was also Mark’s first time in snow shoes…and he did very well for someone whom pretty much never runs.  We left Madbury and headed to the Portsmouth Brewpub…  Full Results  Race Video

2/23/13 – Tony Wild climbed some stairs at the ALA Fight for Air Climb in Providence – Full Results

2/24/13 – Martin Tighe ran the DH Jones Group 10 Miler in Amherst, MA in 1:01:59 Full Results – Scott Mason’s Photos

A March re-cap will come soon.  Again, please let me know if I missed anything.  I am just going off of memory of what people may have done, I am sure there were other results!