Gaspee Days 5k – circa 2003

With the Gaspee Days 5k today I thought it would be interesting to dig up an old race report from Ray Nelson.  This is a good thing for some of the newer Turtles to see as there are some names in these results of some Turtles that haven’t toed the line in awhile! 2012 Results are up, there were 1074 finishers, short of the 1200 they mentioned on the starting line, but well up from the 400 finishers in 2003!  TNT results will be listed soon.

Turtles @ the 2012 Gaspee Days 5k

Ray’s 2003 story….

On Saturday, Jake and Sir George, “ducking” Dave Principe and Steve
Peladeau respectively, ran the Foxboro Jacees 5k / 10k.
Jake was 4th in the questionable 10k with highly erratic splits at 40:18
(6:29), and George was 8th in the questionable 5k with highly erratic
splits at 19:12 (6:10). However, it should be pointed out that neither
Dave (nursing a sore right knee) nor Steve ran Gaspee. Gaspee results
were promptly posted on coolrunning. Here are tnt results (and other
noteables) …..
June 14th – GASPEE DAYS 5k – there were 14 official turtles who ran the
1 – Paul Reilly (nat – not a turtle) 14:45 He was announced as having
tied the course record (14:25 by Keith Kelly, nat), and “won” bonus
$$$’, but honorably did not accept it, for obvious reason.
5 – MATT PELLETIER 15:48 (5:05) – off his 15:17 of a year ago. Matt is
not one to offer excuses, but he is engaged in heavy training for
Chicago, working two jobs, and did not taper for this race…so he is
not expected to set any PR’s at this stage..
6 – GLENN JONES 16:07 (5:11) Glenn bounced back nicely from his
disappointing race at the Rhody 5k (last week at Lincoln Park) where he
“only” ran 16:44 (5:23), demonstrating that we all have “off” days or
run less than expected..
The “handsome one” was not that far ahead of rising star….
7 – Ken Scott (nat) from Danbury CT…who ran 16:13 (5:13)…you have to
keep reading to find out why he is listed…
15 – KEN KIREJCZYK (capt ken) 17:35 (5:40) Ken’s stock has also been
rising lately!!!!!
24 – DAVE SCHAAD (tnt’s genny beerguy!!) 18:12 (5:52) much faster than
his 18:24 at the Katie DeCubellis 5k the week before, where our gennyrep
placed 6th
26 – ARMENIO FERREIRA 18:18 (5:54) – our super veteran (age 61) wins he always does.
30 – MARK ZARTARIAN (zart) 18:32, just a tick of the clock ahead of….
31 – RICHARD NORTHUP (cousin rich) 18:33 – both zart and cuz averaged
5:58 pace
33 – PATRICK MEACHAM – a baby turtle having joined tnt a few weeks
ago..18:38 (6:00)
39 – MARK MITSMENN (MIT) – 18:52 (6:05) a fine performance by a loyal
and true-green turtle, and in his own words, “at least I didn’t fall
down this year.”
40 – Mark Skinkle (not a turtle but I guess he thinks he is, as he wears
the turtle uniform whenever he races) 18:57 (6:06)
47 – JOHN FOLEY – another ‘baby turtle’ having joined about the same
time Patrick did. John ran 19:34 (6:18)
48 – NICOLE MILLETTE – 19:38 (6:19) Nicole’s time is nowhere’s near what
she usually runs, and (like Matt) doesn’t offer excuses, but she has
been battling a sinus infection and bronchitis for the past couple of
weeks… At the state meet on june 8 (and in the rain), nicole somehow
managed to take 2nd place in the 3000, and with a heroic last lap just
fell short of catching the winner, but did fall (as in collapse) on the
track just after crossing the finish line… She was taken to the
hospital for treatment and tests, which confirmed bronchitis and a low
oxygen level. Nicole gets my vote for “hardshell of the month”.
50 – Alissa Nelson – at southern ct state university, Alissa specialized
in the 800 in her senior year, and as a recent graduate, continues to
train for that distance, under the tutelage of her dad – Roy, who had
planned to run Gaspee, but decided against it a few days before the
race. Anyhow, Alissa (an X-turtle) brought her speed up to the 5k
distance and was hoping to break 20:20.
Well that she did and then some, running 19:48 (6:23) – a breakthrough
performance. By the way, remember Ken Scott listed above? In case you
were wondering, he is Alissa’s boyfriend.
89 – Chris Mackey – Howie’s son, ran 21:40 (6:59). Howie’s birthday was
june 15..he would have been 57.
109 – NED MURTHA – you can always count on Ned to run this race EVERY
year…22:32 (7:15)
112 – JACKIE GORSKI – 22:39 (7:18). Jackie was looking to run around
22:30 and did just that!!!
195 – DIANNA GLASS – Dianna is another “baby” turtle, having joined 3
weeks ago. She is planning to run the marine corp marathon this year,
and the blessing of the fleet 10 miler (coming up in just 5 weeks from
this Friday!!). She showed up at Gaspee on the late side with number in
hand, and ran 25:26 (8:11) – her first race as a TURTLE.
There were 400 finishers listed..
Burning questions (to be answered) : why did Roy not run??? Was he, too,
‘ducking’ anybody??? And where were Bob Jackman and Mike Amend ??? Were
they also guilty of “ducking”…????


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  1. This bit of history is cool! Ned Murtha was the realtor who sold us our house in Cranston, and he told me about the Turtles. I think knowing that there’s a local running club helped seal the deal…

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