Running Age/Gender Grading Calculator

As my calf muscles scream from my first 5K of the year and as I try to figure out how to get a little faster at the sweet old age of 52, which is completely doable – I continue to be inspired by the plethora of 50+ year old Turtles who continue to put up incredible times week-after-week.

As I measure myself against myself and the talent that I have the fortune to train with I do have a little fun plugging my times into  an  age-grading calculator…

Check out

Age grading calculators  provide an age-graded race time and an achievement percentile for a recent performance at a specific race distance.  Age-graded information allows you to:

  • Judge your performance, using an achievement percentile, without bias for gender or the aging process.  These percentiles are classed as follows:
  • Over 90% — World Class
  • Over 80% — National Class
  • Over 70% — Regional Class
  • Over 60% — Local Class

Have Fun.