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Nooseneck 18K – IMPORTANT logistics update

This is an IMPORTANT  update to an earlier post on this site.

From Race Director Mike Tamarro…

#1) On December 12, 2011, the Big River Inn reopened as “NUTZ on
Nooseneck.” The pre- and post-race happenings will be at NUTZ–number
pickup, post-race party. Do not go to Dan’s or Timberstones. Spread
the word. NUTZ  is pretty much the old
Big River Inn, located at

809 Nooseneck Hill Rd

West Greenwich, RI 02817

but with a much better beer selection. Race will start
at 1:15pm on December 26th  (fifteen minutes later than scheduled) in order to accommodate
the confused.

#2) Re-gift Raffle: Re-wrap your least-wanted Christmas gift and enter
it into the raffle. Everyone who brings a gift gets a ticket and walks
away with someone else’s unwanted gift. The ensuing swap meet should be
fun to watch.